Kabelloses Massagegerät mit Akku

Neck massager with Samsung rechargeable battery on the go!

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Neck massager with Samsung rechargeable battery on the go! Do you spend long hours sitting at your work desk? Do you suffer from muscle pain due to improper posture? If you wish to relax and relieve muscle pain, don’t look any further, as Donnerberg has made daily massage for muscle tension and aches available for you on the go. The original neck and shoulder massager with built-in Samsung rechargeable battery will help you alleviate these symptoms. Our bestseller Premium NM-089 neck massager has now been equipped with a durable and powerful rechargeable Samsung battery. The result is our new product – the neck massager with rechargeable battery.

Ergonomic and U-shaped neck massager gives you flexibility to enjoy massage while sitting down and relaxing, without having to connect the massager to a socket. Lean back for 15 minutes and simply enjoy the massage. You may relax your tense and stiff muscles with vibration and shiatsu massage functions. Worth mentioning, the neck massager is quiet, so you can even use neck massager in the office without disturbing your colleagues.

woman sitting on blanket in woods enjoying relaxing massage with cordless massage

Vibrating and shiatsu massager with infrared heat

Shiatsu Massage with the eight shiatsu massage nodes, and the infrared heat function penetrates deep into the muscles and directly targets your painful spots. Massage nodes designed to provide you with a pleasurable massage. Neck massager with Samsung rechargeable battery provides you with an effective massage – you can control the massage intensity by pulling down the arm straps less or more, as preferred. Neck massager is ideal for full body massage, and is designed for easy self-massage.

Another advantage of our neck massager with Samsung battery is the dual intensity infrared heat, which ensures better blood circulation and deep relaxation. The main benefit of infrared heat is to penetrate directly into the lower skin areas to lead to relaxation of the muscles. With the vibration function, the skin is mainly stimulated by vibration of the tissue, which furthermore promotes circulation.

woman indulging in massage using neck massager with battery in her car

Massager with Samsung rechargeable battery – while traveling and on vacation

You can even take the neck massager with you on vacation! Regardless of your trip destination, thanks to the rechargeable battery, you can now quickly and easily use the device wherever you are. It can help you relax during your long journey: with specially designed massage heads, you can improve your circulation, and relax your muscles during long and exhausting trips. You will arrive so much more relaxed at your destination.

The Samsung battery gives you the option of a cordless neck massager, which is convenient, especially when on vacation.

Neck massager with Samsung rechargeable battery will be your personal masseuse! Imagine lying under the palm tree on the beach with your favourite drink in your hand, relaxing in the sun, while enjoying relaxing and soothing massage. Donnerberg is ideal companion during vacations.

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