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Ca adapter for all Donnerberg massagers
Sale price€12,90 EUR
Neck pillow
Sale price€39,90 EUR
Massager with heat Basic Jade J NM-089
Sale price€139,00 EUR
Electric massager Basic B NM-089
Sale price€139,00 EUR
Sold out
Donnerberg® T-Shirt Donnerberg® T-Shirt
Donnerberg® T-Shirt
Sale price€15,00 EUR
Changeable cover for massager Klopfy NM-088
Sale priceFrom €15,00 EUR
Sold out
2 austauschbare Ersatzbezüge in zwei Farben Leicht abnehmbare Bezüge mit Zipper-System
Changeable cover for neck massagers (NM-089/NM-090)
Sale priceFrom €15,00 EUR
Chair back support
Sale priceFrom €29,00 EUR
Back massager Krafty RM-099
Sale price€149,00 EUR
Massage gun Miniberg MG-111
Sale price€259,00 EUR
Massage chair LEXA
Sale priceFrom €3.500,00 EUR
Adapter for Donnerberg massager (NM-088/RM-099)
Sale price€19,90 EUR
Adapter for neck massagers (NM-089/NM-090)
Sale price€19,90 EUR
Neck and shoulder massager Premium NM-090
Sale price€229,00 EUR
Neck Massager Premium NM-089
Sale price€189,00 EUR
Wellness gift set
Sale price€219,00 EUR
Vibration platform Multiplate 3D Sport + Seat
Sale price€999,00 EUR
Vibration plate with seat - Multiplate 3D Thera
Sale price€999,00 EUR
Neck and back massager Klopfy NM-088
Sale price€199,00 EUR
Exercise seat
Sale price€119,00 EUR

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