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Feeling tired from countless attempts to find relief from muscle pain and stress with no luck? Look no further! The Original Donnerberg neck and shoulder massager with battery is the perfect relaxation device that actually works.

woman suffering from neck and shoulder pain
woman using neck and shoulder massager at home to relieve tension

Are you looking for a solution for stubborn tension, headaches, muscle pain and strain or other specific issues that can be effectively treated with massage? Then we highly recommend our Premium neck and shoulder massager with battery. We will show you how to effectively combat these issues.

How does the Donnerberg neck and shoulder massager work?

Woman in kitchen enjoying relaxing tea time while using shoulder massager

Like the touch of human hands


woman using electric massager on her heckwoman using donnerberg shoulder massage on her upper backwoman using shoulder and neck massager on her backwoman using U shaped massager on her backwoman using electric massager on legs

Thanks to its ergonomic design, it can effectively target muscles throughout the body, including hard-to-reach areas like your neck and shoulder blades. No other device compares in its ability to provide such precise and effective release of muscle tension, particularly in the neck and shoulder area. But it doesn't stop there – it also provides a full-body massage.

flexible massage nodes with soothing heat



Why is it better? These hands never get tired. They will massage you for as long as you desire. With 8 massage nodes featuring infrared heat, our cordless neck and shoulder massager with provides a massage that mimics the feeling of a natural hand massage. You'll have the sensation of human hands gliding over your body. Experience the delightful benefits of the massage whenever you need it.

Soothe you overworked muscles


Diagram displaying two heat levels: level 1 (up to 45°C) and level 2 (up to 55°C)

With two levels of infrared heat, you can easily adjust the perfect temperature to suit your personal preferences. Whether you're seeking a gentle, soothing warmth or a more intense heat therapy, our neck and shoulder massager offers customizable options to cater to your comfort. What's more, the built-in overheating protection not only guarantees a relaxing experience but also ensures utmost safety during use.

setting options for heating function

The soothing heat but also penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin to improve blood flow and contribute to an intensive relaxation of the muscles. What’s more, heat can improve flexibility of joints and connective tissues, melt away stress and anxiety, promote sleep.

smiling man enjoying relaxing outdoor massage with neck and shoulder massager
"Heat is essential for our well-being. It brings your body, mind, and soul into harmony.’’

2 in 1


Unwind and restore vitality

Donnerberg rechargeable neck and shoulder massager is based on the traditional Japanese Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu massage applies precise finger pressure to specific meridians and body points, to harmonise your energy flow and enhance vitality. It is known to have a positive impact on the entire body.

human hands performing vibration massage on shoulder muscle

The cordless neck and shoulder massager features vibration massage (micro-vibration) to help you release tight fascia and improve mobility. Vibrations effectively target and release stiffness, relieve your deep muscles allowing you to achieve a state of complete relaxation.

Why suffer from ongoing tension when the solution is within reach?

smiling woman using Donnerberg neck and shoulder massager while relaxing on bed
young woman enjoying Donnerberg shoulder massager while resting
woman indulging in relaxing massage outdoors using neck and shoulder massager with rechargeable battery

Why bother with the hassle of scheduling and paying for regular massage sessions? With the Donnerberg rechargeable neck and shoulder massager, massage is always within reach anytime anywhere. Whether it is after a long day at work or during your home office hours, you can effortlessly indulge in a soothing massage at the touch of a button.

Why is the Donnerberg neck and shoulder massager a great choice?

We stand behind the quality of our neck massager, which is why we provide a remarkable 7-year warranty. Rest assured, the powerful motor will exceed your expectations, while the rechargeable and durable Samsung battery, with over 800 charging cycles, will never let you down.
* 2-year warranty on the Samsung battery

Donnerberg shoulder massager comes with 7 year warranty
7 Jahre Garantie auf das Donnerberg Massagegerät mit Akku

Donnerberg power motor


Incorporating cutting edge technology into our production process, our high-performance motor stands for durability and endurance. Whether you desire a gentle relaxing massage or a powerful deep tissue massage, the Donnerberg power motor guarantees a steady power supply with a minimal consumption of just 24 watts.

spare cover for Donnerberg neck and shoulder massager

Hygienic and durable


With the patented zipper design, you can easily remove and wash the cover in the washing machine at 30°C. Plus, the package includes two spare covers, ensuring that the device always stays clean and hygienic, even when several people use it at the same time. For added convenience, the Donnerberg neck massager also comes with a hygienic cloth that can be attached with a Velcro fastener, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing foot massage.

Recommended and certified


The Donnerberg neck massager has been praised for its exceptional quality and top-of-the-line features! It is recommended by the German Olympic Sports Association ("DOSB") and it received the top grade of 1.3 ("very good") in the comparison test in the category "neck massagers" by the renowned German Society for Consumer Studies “DtGV”.

Do you have any questions?

We have extensive experience in the field of massage therapy and have been innovating and developing neck massagers for many years. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help!

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