Jobsuche leicht gemacht

Job hunting made easier!

New year is just the right time for a change, new experiences, exciting adventures and challenges.  If finding or changing a job is the right adventure for you, we have a few tips that might h...
Cellulite – Massage kann helfen!

Massage for cellulite: Your path to smoother skin

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all..." Once just a line from Grimm's fairy tales, today it's a question that women find themselves asking each day. Women face unique...

Health and wellness - Myths and facts

Health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness are topics that have become extremely popular in the last few years with a multitude of companies actively engaged in the creation and distribution of produ...
Entspannte Autofahrt

Lower back pain from driving: Tips for relaxation during long drives

Struggling with lower back pain from driving? Prolonged periods in a car seat can lead to muscle stiffness, tension, or even spasms in your back. Post-drive relaxation is essential to prevent chron...

Fibromyalgia: Navigating life with a chronic condition

Fibromyalgia is now a prevalent chronic condition in today's world. As its name implies, this condition is associated with muscle pain, and those afflicted often experience discomfort in their musc...
Wohltuende Massage zu Hause mit dem Klopfmassagegerät Klopfy

Shiatsu back and neck massager: Revitalize your body with Klopfy

Shiatsu back and neck massager Klopfy brings innovation to the world of neck massagers. In addition to the well-known traditional Shiatsu massage, Klopfy also provides the deep-penetrating tapping ...
Rückenstütze von Donnerberg

Lumbar back support: Choose German quality to improve your posture

Back pain represents a common problem of modern lifestyle, caused by many factors – long periods of sitting, incorrect posture, lack of physical activity, stress or injuries. As a result, acute and...
Wirbelsäule-Muskeln-Massage mit dem Gabel Aufsatz

Massage gun attachments: Your guide to proper use

Massage guns have gained popularity in recent years as an alternative to traditional massage therapy, such as Swedish, Shiatsu or Thai massage. Most massage guns use percussive therapy to provide d...
Entdecke Unsere Neue Webseite: Dein Shopping-Abenteuer beginnt hier

Explore our new website: Your shopping adventure begins here

Welcome to our new website! We are thrilled to have you here. Our team has put their best efforts into improving user experience and making your shopping journey more enjoyable than ever before. We...

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