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Back support

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Chair back support
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Back support

The back support by Donnerberg with its ergonomic design can help you maintain healthy posture and keep your spine in a neutral sitting position and your neck, back and shoulders upright. As a result, you may prevent and relieve stiffness, eliminate fatigue and significantly reduce back and neck pain and discomfort.

Stability and comfort for long-lasting backrest

The 5mm thick steel frame ensures extreme stability without bending or twisting. Thanks to the breathable mesh fabric that promotes air circulation and minimizes sweat you will stay cool and dry even during prolonged use.

Easy to attach and portable

Our lumbar back support is lightweight, portable and effortlessly attaches to any (office) chair or car seat. The innovative ladder buckle system ensures easy attachment and removal, granting a secure hold. With adjustable, sturdy straps and our anti-slip system, protected by the German Patent Office, your safety is guaranteed.

Reduce backache and tension

Relax your lower back muscles with our back support, featuring gentle massage nodules made of soft material. These nodules provide a soothing massage for your back, delivering an additional level of relaxation and comfort.

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