Premium Nackenmassagegerät & Bambus Reisekissen Set black
Man using Donnerberg neck massager and woman sleeping on neck pillow
User friendly control panel with 4 adjustable functions
Massager for full body massage applied on neck, shoulders, back, legs
Neck pillow made of memory foam with instructions for use
Neck pillow for good sleeping posture
Preimum Nackenmassagegerät & Bambuskissen. Das Geschenk black
Premium Nackenmassagegerät & Bambus Reisekissen Set  beige
Man using Donnerberg neck massager and woman holding neck pillow
Control panel designed to be user-friendly and offers four adjustable functions
Nackenmassagegerät und Kissen: Ganzkörpermassage  beige
Neck pillow made of memory foam with detailed instructions for usage
Improve your sleeping posture with neck pillow specially designed for optimal comfort.
Preimum Nackenmassagegerät & Bambuskissen. Das Geschenk beige


Wellness gift set

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  • Neck massager + Bamboo pillow
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Take your relaxation to the next level with our luxurious wellness gift set that includes the Donnerberg Premium neck massager and a bamboo pillow. Enjoy perfect comfort and support for a restful sleep and refreshed body, day or night.

Discover our top-rated electric massager, which provides a natural, rejuvenating experience that feels just like a real hand massage. Our Donnerberg bamboo pillow is the perfect complement to your neck massager, offering optimal support for your head and neck in any sleeping position.

  • Neck massager : Optional infrared heat and vibration function.
  • Neck massager : 7-year warranty
  • Bamboo Pillow: Antibacterial, mite free and environmentally friendly.
  • Bamboo pillow: Cover (40% natural bamboo fiber), removable and washable

Customer Reviews

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Anita Pichler

Ein ausgezeichnetes Gerät, das ich gerne weiterempfehlen werde.


I spend long hours sitting in my home office.
I get really tense in the evening, especially in my neck and shoulders. I purchased this neck massager from Donnerberg for this reason. The massage works surprisingly well for me. What I found in the parcel were two replacement covers, a cloth (for sensitive skin), a great device with a very long cord and a car adapter as well. Plus a small bag that I may use to store the equipment safely. The soft and comfortable pillow comes as a great complement!~


Mi piace questa combinazione del massaggiatore e cuscino...dopo una giornata di lavoro,riesco a liberarmi dallo stress accumulato e il figlio usa il cuscino.Da consigliare!


Mi piace questo set: il massaggiatore mi ha aiutato contro il mio dolore al collo e il cuscino è comodo e di buona qualità!


Set davvero utile-ho deciso a regararlo a mia madre!Lei sta usando il cuscino e il padre massaggiatore!

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