Vibrationstraining auf der Vibrationsplatte bei Rückenschmerzen

Vibration training for back pain relief

As more people spend long hours sitting, their spine can suffer sprain or strain, which is a common cause of low back pain. With age, the susceptibility to back problems continues to increase. To reduce pain and to increase mobility, the vibration plate may be particularly suitable. With its versatile applications and effects, the vibrating exercise machine is a practical and helpful fitness device. In addition to reducing painful symptoms, the device also promotes muscle growth.

Vibration plate for the relaxation of the back muscles

With the vibration training you can specifically combat back pain. In the therapeutic and medical field, oscillatory movements are used often. Medical * studies have found that the side-alternating mode of vibration plate for back problem is the most successful. During exercise, the pelvic movement of the pelvis produces a posture similar to running. This results in a reflex-controlled and rhythmic muscle contraction, which relaxes the muscles and counteracts back pain.

Since the affected muscle groups are not used for a long time, there may be limitations in mobility. Pain in the back can be relieved by movement and even muscle strain, as in vibration plate training.

Vibration plates training – simple and effective

Due to the lateral alternating movement of our Multiplate vibration plate, the triggered reflex muscle contractions can extend up to your back. The lateral alternation makes it possible for the musculature to tighten and relax laterally alternately.

The benefits of vibration training:

• Relaxation of tense muscles
• Gradual reduction of back pain
• Increased mobility in the neck, shoulder and back area
• Increased flexibility
• Improved posture
• Strengthening weak muscle structures
• Improved mobility, strength and endurance

woman doing exercise with resistance bands while sitting on vibration plate

When are vibrating plates useful?

A regular training on the vibration plate strengthens the back and promotes the mobility of the back muscles. The exercisers should not just stand on the device, but move their body on the vibration plate. The vibration training reaches the low-lying muscles, which is not used in conventional training.

The use of a vibrating plate is nowadays an integral part of a back therapy in numerous rehabilitation clinics. For the following back problems, the use of the vibration plate is particularly useful:

• scoliosis
• postural
• Back pain after injuries or accidents
• Muscular hypertension
• Herniated disc (except in the acute phase)
• Degenerative diseases of the spine

woman doing triceps exercise wih resistance bands on vibro plate

The use of the compact vibrating plate is great as prevention and to strengthen the back muscles. Training strengthens ligaments and joints while improving flexibility and balance. The exercises on the vibration plate shape the body and stimulate calorie burning.

The vibration training is particularly gentle with side-alternating vibration (see-saw system), since the natural movement is mimicked but the load on the joints and just the disc is not minimal, similar to when running or jogging.

woman doing exercise for upper back using resistance bands on vibro plate

The vibration plate is suitable for disc problems

Vibration training can also help with disc problems (except in the acute phase!). The connective tissue intervertebral disc structures are a kind of buffer between the individual vertebral bodies. Due to years of inappropriate stress creates a high pressure on the intervertebral discs, which can express itself as a pain, up to the herniated disc. The vibration training promotes the elasticity and resilience of the intervertebral discs.

The improved muscle relaxation after a vibration plate training back pain are effectively and long-lasting alleviated. The regular movements cause an inhibition of the pain receptors. Only with pronounced back pain should the training be omitted temporarily. Experts recommend even training sessions to strengthen the back muscles. A high muscle performance has a strengthening effect on the muscles of the back and a higher stability of the spine.

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