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Vibration plate Sport

No time for gyms or outdoor workouts?

Tired of feeling like your hours at the gym or cycling haven't paid off? We have the solution! Experience the revolutionary Donnerberg vibration plate Sport.

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Why is the vibration plate machine Sport the perfect choice for your fitness success?

Are you searching for a versatile training device that will take your workout routine to the next level? Look no further than the vibration plate Sport! With its state-of-the-art technology and multidimensional vibration, it delivers a dynamic and intense full-body training experience, exceeding all your expectations.

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Vibration training is a highly effective method for strengthening deep muscles and releasing fascia. By targeting the deep muscles in your back, it helps improve spinal extension and maintain optimal alignment, which plays a key role in overall well-being. A properly aligned and healthy spine allows the intervertebral discs to reach their optimal height, enhancing flexibility and mobility. Whether your goal is to build muscle, burn fat, enhance posture, or boost endurance, the vibration plate Sport offers a wide range of benefits to help you efficiently achieve your fitness objectives.

3 in1

Three types of vibration. ENERGIZE YOUR WORKOUT!

Dynamic oscillating vibration

The dynamic oscillating vibration offers a wide range of advantages suitable for both vibration plate beginners and individuals at any stage of life, regardless of age or fitness level. This type of vibration replicates the natural walking motion, providing a joint-friendly experience. It can contribute to improving body awareness, enhancing postural control, and increasing muscle strength. As you progress to higher intensity levels, this type of vibration delivers an intense full-body workout. With the Donnerberg vibration plate Sport, the amplitude of dynamic oscillating vibration ranges from 2.2 to 17 mm, ensuring optimal training intensity tailored to your fitness level. The frequency operates between 5 and 10 Hz, delivering an effective training experience.

Micro vibration

Donnerberg vibration plate Sport with its micro vibration feature is designed to stimulate your muscles in unique ways. At lower intensity
levels, micro vibrations provide a soothing and relaxing full-body massage, promoting overall muscle relaxation. As you increase the intensity, it becomes a powerful tool for intense muscle training, engaging all muscle groups, boosting blood circulation, promoting muscle firming, aiding in the release of tight fascia, and even potentially reducing cellulite. With each training session, your muscles continuously contract and relax, resulting in enhanced strength and toning. The frequency range for micro vibrations on the Donnerberg
vibration plate Sport is carefully calibrated between 31.7 and 46.7 Hz, ensuring optimal effectiveness and customizable training options.

3D Vibration

Experience the power of 3D vibration with the Donnerberg vibration plate Sport, combining the best of oscillating and micro vibration technology. This unique feature targets and engages all muscle groups, potentially accelerating your fitness results beyond traditional strength training methods. By challenging your body in new ways and ensuring the highest level of protection for your bones and joints, this innovative training method can help you burn fat, improve blood circulation, and sculpt your body. Explore full potential of your workout with the Donnerberg vibration plate Sport's customizable frequency range from 36.7 to 56.7 Hz, allowing you to fine-tune your training intensity for optimal performance.

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Vibration plates are not only used in the fitness industry but also in medicine and physiotherapy. Vibration plate Sports offer potential benefits in preventing and treating a range of conditions, including osteoporosis, arthritis, and circulation disorders. However, if you have existing medical conditions, it is vital to seek professional advice from a physician before using a vibration plate and ensure that the vibration frequency is adjusted appropriately.

Why spend more time searching when you can have your very own fitness trainer at home?

Regardless of your current fitness level, the vibration plate machine Sport is specifically designed to help you reach your fitness goals and maximize your training outcomes. Don't miss out on the chance to revolutionize your workouts and achieve the body you have always desired. Get your own vibration plate Sport now and embark on your fitness journey!

Why is the vibration plate Sports the perfect choice for you?

It allows you to achieve maximum results in less time. This is because vibration training is three times more effective than traditional workouts.

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German quality


The Donnerberg vibration plate Sport stand for high quality of manufacture, epitomized by its sturdy plastic casing that effectively combats fatigue induced by vibrations while facilitating precise transmission of vibrations to your body. Say goodbye to wasted vibrations and disruptive noises as the advanced design ensures optimal vibration transfer. Moreover, the flat surface of the vibration plate guarantees a secure standing position. This allows your feet to move freely and to be placed parallel to each other in order to reduce the risk of injuries, which makes the training more effective and enjoyable.

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Your personal fitness trainer


Enhance your training options with the complimentary MULTIPLATE training app! With over 150 exercises for your entire body, you have access to a comprehensive training program. Download the MULTIPLATE training app now and enjoy a diverse training experience from the comfort of your own home.

No boundaries


accessories for vibro plate: yoga ball, resistance bands, pilates bar, sling trainer

In addition to the vibration plate, you will receive a comprehensive range of accessories for a highly effective full-body workout. The set includes resistance bands in three different strengths and suspension trainers for upper body training, a Pilates bar to engage your leg muscles, and an oval yoga ball to enhance your balance and strengthen your abdominal muscles. With this equipment, you can bring diversity to your training and target various muscle groups with precision.

exercise seat for vibro plate

The unique Donnerberg exercise seat has been specifically designed for Thera and Sport vibration plates. It provides a stable posture without slipping, even during intense training sessions. The premium quality memory foam seat is perfect for a variety of exercises and provides reliable support during vibration massages. The exercise seat can be used as a seating surface, dumbbell, or push-up handle.

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