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Donnerberg exercise seat


Are you searching for additional accessories to enhance your workouts? If you want to take your workout to the next level, you have come to the right place. The Donnerberg exercise seat is the perfect accessory to bring more diversity to your training routine.

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What are the benefits of using the Donnerberg exercise seat?

Are you bored with your current workout routine? Do you find yourself going through the exercises, knowing each one by heart, and looking for something new? Look no further! Let us introduce you to our revolutionary exercise seat for Donnerberg vibration plates. It is designed to upgrade your training and open a world of endless possibilities and excitement. Get ready to experience a whole new dimension in your fitness journey!

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Compatible with Donnerberg vibration plates


The Donnerberg exercise seat is purpose-built for use with the Thera and Sport vibration plates. Its simple attachment and detachment mechanism, protected by the German Patent Office, ensures a secure and stable fit on the plate, preventing slipping even during strenuous workouts at higher intensity levels.

woman performing elbow to knee crunch on vibration machine with sea

Flat surface


The Donnerberg exercise seat offers exceptional versatility. Its flat surface, made from premium memory foam, provides the perfect platform for performing a wide range of exercises, including planks and more. Furthermore, it serves as a stable and supportive seat for your spine during vibration massage sessions. With the added convenience of two handles on the sides, you can comfortably perform additional exercises on the vibration plate, such as push-ups. Discover endless possibilities with the Donnerberg exercise seat.

What makes the Donnerberg exercise seat so special?

The Donnerberg exercise seat stands out for its premium quality of manufacture, innovative attachment options, and durable memory foam surface. These features make it an essential accessory for personalized vibration training.


sportswoman exercising on vibration plate with seat

As a seating surface

The vibrations stimulate your entire body, promoting muscle circulation and relaxation. Additionally, you can perform gentle coordination exercises while seated, enhancing your balance and spatial awareness.

woman performing sit-ups on exercise seat

As a dumbbell

Weighing approximately 3 kg, the exercise seat is also perfect as a dumbbell for upper body strengthening exercises. You can incorporate it into your training routine to add resistance and an extra challenge.

woman doing reverse push ups on vibration plate with seat

As a push-up grip

Thanks to its easy and sturdy attachment, the exercise seat can also be used as a push-up grip, providing you with a variety of additional exercises to strengthen your upper body.

active young woman exercising on vibration machine seat active young woman exercising on vibration machine seat

Fitness fusion: Combine vibration plate with seat.

The exercise seat can also be purchased as part of a SET, including the Thera or Sport vibration plates. This combined set provides you with a complete solution for a versatile and effective training experience. By using the exercise seat on the vibration plates, you can increase the intensity of your workouts and make the most of your vibration training.

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