Tapping massager – Klopfy NM-088
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Tapping massager – Klopfy NM-088

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✔ TAPPING MASSAGER – Donnerberg is bringing a new product to you! After thorough research of customers’ opinion and desires, we have manufactured and designed a new generation massager with a new added function, tapping massage.

SHIATSU & TAPPING MASSAGE IN ONE – Enjoy shiatsu and tapping massage in one! Its ergonomic design effortlessly adapts to your neck, shoulders, and back, but also to other body parts, such as arms, legs, feet, and belly.

✔ TAPPING MASSAGE – Tapping massage includes light tapotement movements, refreshing and invigorating your body, while reducing anxiety, stress, and tensions.

✔ SHIATSU AND INFRARED HEAT – Decrease muscle pain with a quick and convenient shiatsu massage. Turn on or off the optional infrared heat function, as preferable.

✔ GERMAN QUALITY- Klopfy massager features has been tested by TÜV SUD certifying conformity with the technical safety requirements (Certificate No. Z2 091698 0009 Rev.01).

7 YEAR WARRANTY – 7 years without any worries. In case of a damage, your massager will be repaired or replaced. Our Customer service will be happy to assist you.

CONTENTS INCLUDEDThe package includes the massager, a power adapter, a car adapter, a soft cloth for sensitive skin, a protective bag made of environmentally friendly material, a user manual and two changeable covers

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Why choose Klopfy NM-088 over other similar devices on the market?


  • Two EFFECTIVE massage techniques in one device
  • EASY TO REACH control panel with multiple functions
  • 10 massage heads for the feeling of a REAL HAND MASSAGE
  • ADJUSTABLE heat function
  • Tested and certified by TUV Sud for SAFE usage
  • 2 SPARE covers – hygienic and durable
  • 7 YEARS of manufacturer’s warranty


Donnerberg Klopfy massager is a 2-in-1 tapping and shiatsu body massager, unique on the market. Your two favorite massage techniques in one! This massager delivers powerful Shiatsu massage and rejuvenating Tapping massage.

If you decide to splash out on massaging device then tapping massager should be your opt for. It is particularly popular among people who often work out for recovery or need a deep tissue massage. Whether you’re an athlete, spend a lot of time at a work desk or just want a simple way to relieve stress, massage is the key to improving your health and well-being.


Tapotement/tapping is a massage technique which includes five different massage types – tapping is one of the five. In contrast to other massage types that are useful for muscle relaxation, tapping may be utilized for the purpose of triggering the nerves in order to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system.

Typically, tapping massage is utilized for a full body massage, and the benefits are numerous. Tapping is well known to help relax muscles in order to release additional tension, which decreases the possibility of muscle cramps and stiffness. Tapping is specifically beneficial for professional and amateur athletes. Due to continuous effort, athletes are constantly exposed to possible injuries. Tapping serves as an injury prevention.

Another benefit of tapping is rapid blood circulation improvement. Blood transmits oxygen and nutritious matter to all parts of the organism.

Furthermore, this massage type strengthens the immune system. Tapping promotes cell rejuvenation and prevents stress accumulation in muscles. Experiencing stress relief through tapping leads to a better cell health, which ultimately decreases the occurrence of possible illnesses due to a weak immune system!

Additionally, mental and psycho physical strength are connected to stress relief. The human body experiences daily stressors as accumulated stress. Tapping stimulates nerve endings, which helps one’s body to alleviate stress. Extensive research suggests convincing evidence that massage is one of the best manners to recover and heal the human body.


Shiatsu massage comes from Japan where it is a part of traditional medicine. The massage consists of applying finger pressure on various acupressure points in order to stimulate them and balance the body’s energies. It is a holistic healing method that helps balance the body’s energy flows. The massage is very pleasant and relaxing, thus it has a positive effect on the general well being.

Shiatsu has several health benefits. Here’s some of its benefits:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces muscle stiffness
  • Treats chronic conditions like headache, back pain, neck pain, fatigue and stress

Allow yourself to finally experience ultimate relaxation after a long and stressful day at work, and choose a 2-in-1 tapping and shiatsu massager.


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28 reviews for Tapping massager – Klopfy NM-088

  1. Corrie

    Donnerberg keeps its promise!
    I have tested other neck massagers, but their motors are weak and they cannot penetrate deep into the muscles.
    This device offers a great massage experience after a short period of getting used to it. Definitely recommended

  2. Mark

    This massager has really exceeded my expectations! Perfect for everyday use, it helps me get rid of tension in my shoulders and lower back. I find 15 minutes massage to be enough, as the device then switches itself off automatically. Good quality and efficient

  3. Tim E.

    This massager is a real money saver. No need to go somewhere for a massage, now I can have one at home whenever I want. Pressure is just right, you can customize it, heating function is a very useful addition. Highly recommend

  4. Andy

    I’ve had really bad knots in my shoulders and upper back and this device helped me get rid of them in a short time. I was very surprised to feel how powerful and effective the massage is. It works for me

  5. Pete

    It took me a while until I decided to invest into this device and I certainly don’t regret it! The change from shiatsu to tapping massage is very effective. The handles are used to easily control the intensity and position. I totally recommend it

  6. Kit

    This is a great device to combat upper back and shoulder pain. I liked the fact it came with additional covers so they can be changed when worn out. It’s quite strong, which is exactly what I was looking for.

  7. Garrett

    I bought it on a recommendation since I constantly suffer from neck tension and tedious headaches. It’s been very helpful. No need to book massages any more.The tapping function feels very pleasant. The cable is sufficiently long and the covers can be changed. The higher price is, in my opinion, justified by the quality.

  8. Vince

    I’ve tested multiple massage devices but this one stands out thanks to its tapping function. After just a few uses my chronic tension and stiffness are reduced significantly. Although the price is higher, I’m definitely more than satisfied with this device. It’s worth every penny

  9. Brian

    I would recommend this massage device although I was quite skeptical at the beginning. It can be used well in the neck and shoulder area thanks to its hand straps. The rotating balls knead properly and the heating function is well regulated and has an additional positive effect on the muscles and surrounding tissues. Worth the price

  10. Emma

    Great home massage product, easy to use, can be used on different areas of the body.

  11. Mary

    Great product, very useful for maintaining the back in a healthy state and releasing tensions and knots every day. Definitely recommend!!

  12. Lucy

    I have been experiencing pain and aches in my leg muscles, specifically hamstrings. The combination of shiatsu and tapping massage function feels great and relieves these muscle aches. I have recommended it to a few of the people in the gym who seem to suffer from similar issues as I.

  13. Emily

    I was amazed to try on this massager and see that the massage is strong and the massage heads can get in the deep tissue. It really does seem a bit impossible to expect such device to give a good massage, but I am glad I purchased it anyway! Great relaxation or post-workout massage. Works for me and tapping works wonders after the gym on my sore muscles.

  14. Tony

    Only have had it for a few days, but this massager seems good quality and very powerful, especially when the tapping function is on. Looking forward to using this massager for many years, especially that I can already feel the improvement after a short time.

  15. Leah

    This is my first time using one of these, so I wondered if it would be powerful enough for my aches and pains, and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s nice and neat, and I’ve definitely found this to relieve tension in my shoulders particularly.

  16. B.J.

    A strong massager, which is perfect for back pain/muscle strain relief. Works really well on the joints. The combination of shiatsu and tapping massage is just right for those painful joints.

  17. Renata

    I’ve been searching on the web for awhile before I made the purchase and I am very happy because I really did make the best choice! I look forward to the massage every night. It relaxes me and makes me feel so good!

  18. Simona

    Tapping massage function requires getting used to its strength, but after awhile, it is the best massage ever!

  19. Mina

    Functional, practical, and effective!

  20. Rory R.

    As tapping massager is a new type of massager, I was not sure whether I would like it as much as I do like the original massager. Since Donnerberg offers 30 days money back guarantee, I went for it and purchased tapping massager. And I for sure do not want to return it! Tapping massage function is absolutely amazing, and when turned on simultaneously with shiatsu, provides excellent massage.

  21. Sienna

    This is a strong and deep massager, allowing me to reach the right spots on my neck saving me trips to the chiropractor. Especially what is convenient that the intensity can be adapted by pulling down the straps harder. This massager also helps me with all the tensions that I keep in my shoulders.

  22. Ellen

    Tapping function can be a little strong, but that is why I am happy that the massager has these arm straps, so I can adjust how much pressure I put. When my muscles are quite sore and tapping feels too strong, I don’t pull the straps as much. Overall, great quality and practical device.

  23. Riley

    I was in dilemma and had a quite difficult time deciding whether to purchase this one with tapping function or the other one with vibration function. Tapping function seemed as a better option. Although I am happy with this purchase, I wish tapping function wasn’t as strong and cord could be a bit longer. Besides these two tiny remarks, I only have words of praise for this product and Donnerberg company.

  24. Ethan

    Tapping function is especially helpful for my sore muscles. I usually do the combination of tapping and shiatsu, then turn off the tapping massage function so I can allow the shiatsu function to completely relax my muscles. Pretty convenient device.

  25. Adrian

    Tapping massage function is absolutely amazing. I use the massager almost every day after the gym, and I feel so much better. My wife prefers relaxing massage, so she turns off tapping function, and only enjoys the shiatsu function. Very happy with the purchase, as we both can get a massage anytime we want.

  26. Antonia

    I couldn’t decide whether to buy Premium or Klopfy massager. But then, I bought Klopfy as this new tapping feature sounds like something that could be really beneficial for me. And I didn’t make a mistake! The shiatsu function is so relaxing, then when I add tapping I get a stronger massage, which is what I need at night before bed.

  27. Ayaan Patel

    The best massager and the best customer service! I had a question and they responded quickly, exceeding my expectations. This will be my go to gift for family and close friends who are difficult to find gifts for.

  28. Max

    I am a proud owner of Donnerberg Premium massager for a few years now. I can say that the massager has helped me so much. My wife would say the same, as we both take turns when we come home from work at night. Once we learned that Donnerberg launched a new massager, we did not want to miss the opportunity to purchase this new shiatsu and tapping massager. The massager arrived quickly and I can say that after only a couple of days I am a big fan already. Tapping function is great, and I like the combination of shiatsu and tapping together.
    We will not have to take turns anymore, as both will have our own massager.

Contents included:
1x Massager
1x Power adapter
1x Car adapter
1x Soft cloth for sensitive skin
1x Protective bag made of environmentally friendly material
1x User manual (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish)
2x Additional covers

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 53 x 42 x 20.5 cm
Weight: 2.2 kg
Color: Black
Material: PU leather
Power: 36 W.
Frequency: 50/60 Hz



The company Donnerberg, Mr. Svetozar Grbic, Max Planck Strasse 10, 85716 Unterschleissheim, grants a valid manufacturer’s warranty for the territory of the European Union and the civil-law defect liability. The warranty starts from the time that the device was delivered to the customer. It is not extended by a previous warranty case. The warranty is granted only to the buyer and is not transferable to third parties.
In addition to the statutory liability for defects, we also repair or replace equipment whose defects are not initial defects unless they are caused by improper use or are insignificant. The choice between replacement and repair is ours. The cost of the return shipping for certain products is covered by Donnerberg. The warranty is only granted if the defect is notified immediately upon its occurrence and is reported. You must include the claim form and the copy of your purchase receipt as the proof of warranty. Please note that we will not process warranty claims without this claim form.

Company Donnerberg

Max Planck Strasse 10,

85716 Unterschleissheim,


E-mail: uk.info@donnerberg.net
or telephone: +49 89 922 893 55


TÜV- (Technical Inspection Association) product was tested for electrical safety, hazardous material components, and unwanted noise production. Certificate No. Z2 091698 0009 Rev. 02

 1. What should I do when the massager turns off during use?

After 15 minutes of using the massager, it will automatically switch off due to an integrated timer. The timer is installed because it is not recommended to use the device for more than 15 minutes per each muscle area. For example, 15 min on the neck, 15 min on the shoulders, etc.

2. How often and for how long can I use a massage device?

The device has an integrated timer; the device will automatically switch off after 15 minutes of use. It is not recommended to use the device more than 15 minutes per each muscle area. After 15 minutes has elapsed you can switch on the device again and use it on different part of your body/muscle area. It is not recommended to use the device more than 15 minutes per each muscle area as a muscle can become overworked and painful and in that case, you are creating a counter-effect. You can use the device every day. This is very convenient because it allows you to regularly treat painful areas and relax your muscles.

3.When is it not recommended to use a massager?

You must not use the device without your doctor’s consent if you:

  • are pregnant
  • have a pacemaker, implants, artificial joint(s) or limb(s), stents or IUD
  • are prohibited by your doctor from having massages
  • If you have any medical condition and are not sure if you can use the device please consult your doctor.

4.How is the product maintained? (cleaning, materials)

The device is made of high-quality PU leather which, when in contact with dust, can be easily wiped with wet wipes or handkerchiefs.

The massage heads are protected by a cover which can be completely removed (there is a zipper) and washed in the washing machine or hand washed. While washing changeable covers, you can still use your massage device since you have two additional covers included in the box.

Our customers often think that the beige massager is more sensitive because of the color, but this is not true. All massage devices are made of the same fabric – PU leather and can be easily wiped with wet wipes or handkerchiefs.

5.What are the benefits of using a massager?

Massage offers many benefits, whether you need to relax, reduce muscle tension or relieve chronic pain. Regular massage can improve your general health and your emotional and physical well-being. Based on traditional Japanese massage – Shiatsu, Donnerberg massager is the best choice to help you eliminate muscle pain and relax.

6.What are the benefits of infrared heat with massage?

Infrared heat has a number of beneficial effects on human health. Thermotherapy, known for its positive effect on the blood circulation as a whole, often helps to relieve muscle tension and eliminate muscle knots. However, if you don’t need it, you can just turn infrared heat off. Heat is an optional function that can be used according to your needs.

7.How difficult is to use the device?

The massager is very easy to use. It is designed for easy use at home, at work or while traveling. Massage heads are placed on the neck (or any part of the body you want to treat), place your arms through the handles/loops that will help you determine the strength or intensity of the massage by pulling handles. There is no need to pull hard as the massage heads are the ones that  will massage your muscle areas.

8.What makes our massage heads special?

Donnerberg massage heads are designed to give you the feeling of a real hand massage. A professional massage therapist and physiotherapist can be expensive and time consuming and because of that Donnerberg massager is a long-term investment in your health and time.

9.How long is the warranty?

You will receive a 7-year warranty for the device. For more information on what is covered under warranty please visit the following link.

10. Can I take the device on my travels?

Because the massager is compact you can easily take it when traveling. It will not take up lots of space and it will mean a lot to have it on hand when you need it.

For any further questions you may have please write to our Customer Representative on the following email uk.info@donnerberg.net



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