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Neck and shoulder massager – Premium NM089 (black)


Neck massager Premium NM089

The award-winning neck massager from our company is available in black and beige colour. The multiple test winner neck massager is recommended by German Olympic Sports Association “DOSB” and was recently awarded the rating of 1.3 (“excellent”) and the test by the renowned German Association for Consumer Studies “DtGV”.

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Neck and shoulder massager – Premium NM089 (black)

✔ 8 flexible massage heads
✔ Vibration function
✔ Infrared heat
✔ Exchangeable covers
✔ Shiatsu massage
✔ 7 years warranty


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Experts opinion

Donnerberg Neck massager NM089 Recommended and tested by Markus D. Gunsch, M.Sc. Univ. Medicine, B.Sc. Health Univ.

Master and diploma physiotherapist, naturopathic, OMT osteopath (VFO e.V.), health and quality manager (Univ.) from Munich.
"A feeling of real hand massage!!! Especially beneficial for intensive trigger point massages. I use it mainly for my tense shoulder-neck area and highly recommended it. The additional warmth is also very pleasant.
You have the feeling of a completely natural, intensive trigger point, shiatsu and fascia massage that is precisely tailored to your needs. The remarkable thing is that the device can be used very easily. It is ideal for massage of the neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, whole back, hips, legs, stomach and feet.
If you apply some pressure with the straps or lie on it, the massage will be even more intense. The quiet rollers can be moved in the other direction at the push of a button. The third button is for switching on infrared heat.
Many of my customers use the device regularly ,they are satisfied and don’t have any complaints "
Web site:

Donnerberg Neck massager NM089 recommended and tested by Physiotherapist, David Di Segni

Physiotherapist - Posturologist Specialized in the treatment of chronic pain without the use of drugs
"I have had the opportunity to try and test the Donnerberg massager NM089 for many months, and I must say that I found its use very interesting. The strength of the massage heads is absolutely great and can be a valuable aid in the treatment of muscle pain. I have used it personally for a long time and recommend it. "

The Multiplate Thera and Sport tested and recommended by Alexander Sutter, BA health manager

"A full body workout for everyone at home. The various movement options of the vibration plate make the selected movement much more difficult without additional weight. So it is possible to exercise every muscle through exercises.
The vibration plate gives me the opportunity to be able to fulfill my sporting workload despite little time. Because it is always at hand and ready to use. Thanks to the 6 different programs and the additional resistance bands and the sports seat, the Multiplate 3D stands out from other plates. "

The NM-089 Neck and Shoulder massager was recommended and tested by Michela Verardo trainer and coach

"I am Michela Verardo trainer and coach, I discovered the Donnerberg massager few months ago and I must say that it has proved to be a valuable tool for my work. My clients love to use the massager because they can enjoy the benefits of a deep tissue massages whenever they feel they need. Furthermore, the fact of being able to adjust the strength and speed, add the vibration or add infrared heat, offers interesting alternatives and makes it versatile and very useful . To use whenever you feel a little stiff or tired or even after a day of work sitting at your desk. I recommend it to everyone! "

The NM-090 Neck and Shoulder massager, tested and recommended by Gojko Gojic, Electrical Engineer

"At a trade fair in Munich I came across the Donnerberg Premium NM 090 massager with rechargeable battery. Since I work a lot, I decided to buy it for myself to see if it would help me. Not only did it help me feel better, it also amazed me about the quality, motor performance and durability of the SAMSUNG battery! I am an electrician by profession and in view of this it is always important to me how much electricity the products use and how long-lasting they are. The Donnerberg massager is energy sufficient, batteries are safe and of high quality and the motor is strong and above all quiet! All recommendations for functionality and quality! "

The NM-089 Neck and Shoulder massager was recommended and tested by Alfonso Onsurbe, Professional masseuse, specialist in muscle and joint problems

"I have tried the Donnerberg massager NM089 and it is a very good complementary tool that helps release muscle tension. The usage is easy and comfortable. I use it regularly when I get home after a day of hard work to relax and recover.
I recommend the Donnerberg massager to my clients, as a perfect tool to complement it with massages. "



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