Bamboo pillow
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Bamboo pillow

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  • ✔ BAMBOO PILLOW – Ergonomic bamboo pillow crafted with natural bamboo fibre is filled with memory foam which perfectly adapts to your head, neck, shoulders and back

  • ✔ BENEFITS – Orthopaedic pillow can improve sleep quality, reduce muscular tension and provide necessary rest for your body. Additionally, experience reduction in reducing snoring, migraines, neck pain, allergies and asthma with Donnerberg bamboo pillow

  • ✔ VERSATILE – Donnerberg bamboo pillow is suitable for back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers. Bamboo fibre and memory foam is adaptable to different positions of your head, neck, and shoulders

  • ✔ GERMAN QUALITY– Antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties make this bamboo pillow an excellent choice for people suffering from allergies; dust and mites free bamboo pillow. Temperature regulation keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter

  • ✔ COMFORT– Very soft and comfortable, bamboo pillow provides comfort and maximum neck support. Consists of 40% natural bamboo fibres. Easily removable bamboo cover with a zipper is machine washable at 40°

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Donnerberg bamboo pillow was developed to provide lasting improvements of sleep quality, so you can start your day rested and relaxed.

Sleep is very important for good health and overall well-being of a person.
Therefore it is essential to find a suitable and comfortable pillow, which will provide you with a good night’s sleep and provide adequate head, neck and shoulders support.

A great neck support pillow which eases the pain in the neck & shoulders and provides necessary support for your back.
This orthopedic pillow consists of bamboo cover, made of natural bamboo fibers.
Natural and organic bamboo cover allows material to breathe better. Comfort memory foam adapts to every sleeping position. What’s more, natural bamboo fibre cover is washable to ensure proper hygiene while the inside cover made of 100% pure cotton is soft and skin-friendly.

An excellent neck support pillow which supports the cervical spine.
With this bamboo pillow filled with memory foam experience the relaxing slumber you have always wanted. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, we have designed the pillow which will provide necessary relaxation and comfort.
This antibacterial and hypoallergenic pillow ensures optimal sleeping posture by relaxing neck and shoulder muscles and reducing headaches triggered by tension.

Donnerberg bamboo pillow is a good solution to make up for the lost hours of sleep caused by accumulated tiredness.

Memory Foam BASF
Cover Material: 40% bamboo fiber 60% polyester, machine washable at 40C°
Size: ca. 50x30x12 cm
Neto: 650 gr
Bruto: 750 gr
Color: white
Shape: Rectangle

Contents included:
1x Donnerberg bamboo pillow
1x cylindrical bag for easy transport

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12 reviews for Bamboo pillow

  1. Sara

    I got this bamboo pillow from a friend. Neither too soft nor too hard, I have no neck pain and headache anymore. It comes with a bag, very practical. I’ve just bought another one.

  2. Emma

    I bought is as a present for my husband, who tells me he’s never slept more comfortably. No more neck pain and migraines, this pillow is worth buying.

  3. Hannah

    Partner finds it very comfortable

  4. Leah

    It provides a sturdy support, but the pillow is still very comfortable and pleasantly soft. I wish I had purchased it a long time ago!

  5. Thelma

    I have been experiencing troubles sleeping. The new Donnerberg pillow helps a lot , as I have been sleeping much better. Inadequate pillow definitely wasn’t root of my sleeping issue, but this ergonomic bamboo pillow did help with my insomnia.

  6. Yevgeny

    After buying the massager and pillow set for my wife and noticing what a difference sleeping on a quality ergonomic pillow makes for her, I had to come back and purchase another pillow for myself. Donnerberg bamboo pillows have both helped us a lot. Massager is a great device itself too. We are huge Donnerberg fans!

  7. Oli

    No complaints, exactly as described in the offer.

  8. Connor

    Great, has helped me so much already! I can finally get better sleep at night.

  9. Braison

    Not only that this pillow helps me sleep better, but also has helped alleviate neck pain.

  10. Milika

    Excellent pillow it’s so soft and comfortable, recommended

  11. Dee

    Very comfortable, keeps my neck in a good position and aids sleep.

  12. Paul

    I have been using this pillow now for two weeks.Although it is early days I do have to admit I do appear to be getting a better night’s sleep.When I get up on a morning I don’t have the usual stiff neck and shoulders.So far so good.

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