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Back Support

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  • ✔  HELP RELIEVE BACK PAIN – Donnerberg lumbar support is portable and comfortable. It may help relieve and prevent back pain, corrects the posture of the spine when sitting. It is ideal for people who spend many hours sitting and / or with back pain
  • ✔ GERMAN QUALITY – It is made of highly resistant materials, a German quality and durable product that meets the expectations of our customers, can be used whenever and wherever you want, either as a preventive measure or to calm existing back pain problems. It is recommended to use it whenever you are sitting for several hours
  • ✔ PORTABLE – Easy and simple, it is placed on the backrest of the seat or on any type of chair. Use it in the office, in the car or at home. It is portable and you can take it with you to any other place where you will be sitting for a long time
  •  OPTIMAL SPINE SUPPORT – Lumbar support Donnerberg assures an optimal curve of the spine when sitting, its function may help relieve and prevent back pain derived from bad habits in the form of sitting to which we are exposed. It is suitable for people of any age
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Ergonomic mesh support for back, waist and lumbar spine.
Easy, firm and flexible to use, quickly installed to any type of chair, office chair or car seat with adjustable strap.
Back support cushion designed to help in relieving the tension and pain in the back.
Weather you are sitting in front of a computer or a TV, driving a car or travelling, give your back the support it needs.
With this mesh back support maintain proper body posture and ease the back pain caused by long sitting hours in the same position.

Technical data:
Size: approx. 43x41x10 cm
Weight: approx. 200 gr
Colour: black
Material: 100% nylon / mild steel

Contents included:
1 x Donnerberg lumbar support in the selected set (set: 2,4,6,8 pieces)

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4 reviews for Back Support

  1. Eddy

    I have a prolapsed disc low in my back (L5S1) and experienced a really bad episode recently, lasting over two months, leaving me lying on my back for long periods of time. Not much fun. My osteopath recommended two things: 1) focus on core exercises to strengthen my lower front and back muscle groups (which after a few weeks of doing every morning and evening I’m seeing a massive improvement), and 2) by a decent back support. This one is superb; fits most chairs, provides this wonderful springy, flexing support as you sit, and portable for the car. Recommended.

  2. A.L. Thomas

    Such an amazing difference using this on my office chair. Physiotherapist recommendation and on the first day – once I got used to it – I realised the mid back pain that usually hits around the 2 hour mark just wasn’t there.

  3. Mr.Rowing

    I was a person with back problems. In the car, bus, train any kind of transport where you have to sit for a long time, used to give big pain. But now, since I got this amazing back support Cushion I am free from pain. Absolutely amazing discovery. So happy to have it now, a travel in the car became a favorite journey.

  4. Julia

    I use it for my work in the office and I spend most of my day sitting down. Fits on standard office chair styles, and can be adjusted for tighter fit to the chair so it’s fixed. Gives good support to lower back and helps me to keep back straight during working hours. It is comfortable to use, and made in the way to follow the back shape.

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