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Back Support

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  • Ergonomic design: Ergonomically designed lumbar support is used to give lower back support and promote upright posture when sitting for a long period of time. It can be used to correct the posture of the spine and relieve and prevent neck and back pain.
  • Easy to use: The back support can be easily attached to any chair or car seat. It is light and portable and you can use it at home, in the car while travelling, in the office, etc.
  • Innovative design: The adjustable straps with ladder lock buckles, which are protected by the German Patent Office, ensure optimal adjustment and stability.
  • Breathable material: High-quality soft mesh fabric allows air to circulate, which reduces sweating. The steel wire frame of the back support is firm, durable and made to last.
  • Comfortable back rest: The built-in massage beads are gently adjusted to fit your lower back, which enables a high level of comfort.

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Why do we need lumbar support?

According to statistics 8 in 10 ten people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. A sedentary lifestyle is a crucial risk factor for recurring neck and back pain. Sitting for extended periods of time – in the office, in front of the computer or TV or when commuting – puts a lot of pressure on soft tissue and joints of the spine which causes backache and tension. Moreover, people tend to develop poor posture by slouching or slumping, which further weakens and stiffens back muscles.

Therefore, lumbar support may be a cost-effective solution for these issues. Its use could gradually improve our quality of life.  Its proven benefits are numerous:

✔ Support and comfort – It offers comfortable and customized support for the lower part of your back as you can adjust it to the area of your back which is weakest and most vulnerable;

✔ Pain relief and relaxation – Mesh back support promotes good posture and the natural curve of your spine by filling the gap between the lumbar region and the backrest of a chair. Its use can reduce backache and discomfort for those who spend hours sitting;

✔ Convenient use – It is portable so you can give your back the support it needs anywhere and throughout the whole day.


Why should we use Donnerberg back support?

Donnerberg back support with its high-quality steel wire frame and tear-resistant mesh fabric ensures safe and long usage. The adjustable straps with snap lock buckles are protected by the German Patent Office. They are designed to perfectly fit any type of chair and can be used anytime anywhere.

If you suffer from lower back pain, you can benefit  from using the ergonomic lumbar support. It can help you keep your spine in a neutral sitting position and your neck, back and shoulders upright. As a result,  you may prevent and relieve stiffness, tension and back and neck pain. Moreover, by using the Donnerberg mesh back support, which you can easily adjust to suit your needs, you can sit more comfortably and maintain proper body posture.


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9 reviews for Back Support

  1. Raynolds

    The mesh support is very stable and sturdy and at the same time surprisingly comfortable on the back. I’ve only had it for a few days but already feel the benefits. I feel it improved my posture. It reminds me to sit up properly. Just ordered another one for my wife. So easy to fit and practical. You should definitely give it a try

  2. Jo

    During lockdown I worked from home and spent most of the day sitting. I started experiencing tension and low back pain. This product really does the trick. Highly recommend!

  3. Keith

    At first I doubted whether the back support is the right choice for my achy back muscles. I’ve been using it for two weeks now and definitely not disappointed. The material is very good, elastic, easy to install.
    I spend a huge amount of time on the road so I find it really convenient. It perfectly fits my car seat! It even has these little massage points that help reduce tension in my lower back. Excellent quality for a reasonable price!

  4. SAM

    It’s a must for office workers. Much less back pain. Solid fabrics and good support. 100% value for money

  5. Kathy H.

    Exactly what I needed! Bought it on a friend’s recommendation after having a few issues with my back…. It has really helped. It is well made and does not change its shape even if you lean a bit harder against it. So pleased with the purchase

  6. Eddy

    I have a prolapsed disc low in my back (L5S1) and experienced a really bad episode recently, lasting over two months, leaving me lying on my back for long periods of time. Not much fun. My osteopath recommended two things: 1) focus on core exercises to strengthen my lower front and back muscle groups (which after a few weeks of doing every morning and evening I’m seeing a massive improvement), and 2) by a decent back support. This one is superb; fits most chairs, provides this wonderful springy, flexing support as you sit, and portable for the car. Recommended.

  7. A.L. Thomas

    Such an amazing difference using this on my office chair. Physiotherapist recommendation and on the first day – once I got used to it – I realised the mid back pain that usually hits around the 2 hour mark just wasn’t there.

  8. Mr.Rowing

    I was a person with back problems. In the car, bus, train any kind of transport where you have to sit for a long time, used to give big pain. But now, since I got this amazing back support Cushion I am free from pain. Absolutely amazing discovery. So happy to have it now, a travel in the car became a favorite journey.

  9. Julia

    I use it for my work in the office and I spend most of my day sitting down. Fits on standard office chair styles, and can be adjusted for tighter fit to the chair so it’s fixed. Gives good support to lower back and helps me to keep back straight during working hours. It is comfortable to use, and made in the way to follow the back shape.

Technical data:
Size: approx. 50x50x8 cm (1pcs)
Weight: approx. 500 gr (1pcs)
Colour: black
Material: 100% nylon / mild steel

Contents included:
1 x Donnerberg lumbar support in the selected set (set: 2,4,6,8 pieces)

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