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Donnerberg’s best-seller for the best summer ever!

Shiatsu neck massager Basic B NM-089
4.88 based on 25 customer reviews

Shiatsu neck massager Basic B NM-089

139,00 Inv. Vat.

DEEP KNEADING SHIATSU MASSAGE – Donnerberg Basic neck and shoulder massager is based on the principles of Shiatsu massage therapy. Shiatsu massage uses pressure to relieve pain, improve blood circulation, provide muscle relaxation and restore energy and strength.

FULL BODY RECOVERY – Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it can be easily adapted to any body size and body part. It is particularly suitable for the neck, back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, waist and stomach.

ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY AND BIDIRECTIONAL MASSAGE – With 3 adjustable speed levels, 2 rotation directions and 8 massage heads you will be able to create a customized massage to completely suit your needs.

INFRARED HEAT: The switchable infrared heating function can help loosen tight knots and reduce stiffness and inflammation.

GERMAN QUALITY – Donnerberg neck and shoulder massagers are manufactured according to the highest German quality standards. They are all tested for electromagnetic safety by TÜV SÜD (Certificate NO. Z2 17 07 91 698 005) and their materials, certified by RoHS, do not contain hazardous substances. Overheating function and automatic shut-off option enable safe and reliable usage.

3 YEARS WARRANTY – 3 years without any worries. In case of a damage, your massager will be repaired or replaced. Our Customer service will be happy to assist you.

The massager is available in two versions: Basic Black and Basic Jade with an integrated gemstone.

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Health benefits of massage therapy

The best way to provide relaxation to different parts of your body is a professional massage. Due to lack of time massage is not something most people can afford. The regular use of of Shiatsu neck massagers might have a positive impact on your body. More precisely, they can help relieve physical discomfort and  stimulate blood flow. Deep tissue massage with infrared heat contributes to a more intense muscle relaxation. Moreover, in the long run regular massage therapy might improve your overall physical and mental condition, which leads to a better quality of life.

How does Donnerberg Basic shiatsu neck massager work?

Donnerberg Basic neck massager with heat is based on the principles od traditional Shiatsu massage therapy. This technique applies pressure on stiff muscle knots to help relieve long-term muscle tension and stimulate blood flow. 8 flexible rotating nodes are used to target even hard-to-reach areas to ensure maximum results. By pulling harder or softer on the loops you can adjust the intensity of your massage to ensure a unique massage experience.

Our Donnerberg neck massager is your ideal companion. It is portable and easy to use. It is convenient for home and office use, travel and whenever and wherever you need to indulge in a soothing Shiatsu massage.

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25 reviews for Shiatsu neck massager Basic B NM-089

  1. Ben

    I was surprised how powerful this device it. After just a few uses, the pain has been relieved. The warmth contributed to the relaxation of muscles and tissue. An absolute purchase recommendation

  2. Zitta

    Ottima qualità dei materiali!

  3. Olaf

    Ich war schon lange auf der Suche nach einem Gerät, das den Nackenbereich effektiv massiert, ohne Verspannungen zu verursachen.
    Da man sich entspannt hinsetzen und die eigenen Arme zur Anpassung von Massageintensität benutzen kann, ist es für mich sehr angenehm in der Anwendung. Die Massage ist sehr kräftig und tiefgreifend.

  4. Lovrano

    Avevo un terribile dolore al collo e alla schiena e mi sento già rilassato!

  5. Roy

    I use this device to massage my entire back. One of the great features is that is you can select the right amount of pressure, which is great, since I don’t always feel like having an intense deep tissue massage. All in all, I have a positive experience and would definitely buy it again.

  6. Maria

    Ich habe seit geraumer Zeit immer Nackenverspannungen welche ich in der Physiotherapie behandeln lasse. Abends vorm Fernseher dann noch eine Runde mit dem Massagegerät und der Erfolg ist spürbar. Ich kann das Gerät nur empfehlen.

  7. Elsa

    Das Gerät ist in erster Linie für den Nackenbereich konzipiert. Es passt dort perfekt und bietet die Leistung, für die es gedacht ist. Top!

  8. Riccone

    Si vede la qualità dei materiali-lo uso quasi ogni giorno per relax.

  9. Lauren

    I bought it for my parents, but I’m going to buy another one for myself. Immediately after receiving it, I tried it and can only say that I’m thrilled! The massage heads can target the sore points quite effectively and it’s useful for treating neck and back pain thanks to the heating function. A definite recommendation!

  10. Mirolla

    Sono entusiasta di questo massaggiatore. Se vuoi rilassarti o rimuovere lo stress, questo dispositivo è ottimo perché offre più opzioni-potrebbe scegliere anche il senso di rotazione , l’area che stai massaggiando e l’intensità del massaggio. La cosa migliore è che il massaggiatore è sempre a portata di mano, non occupa molto spazio e posso usarlo tutti i giorni!

  11. Jesica

    Ho comprato il massaggiatore perché spesso lotto con la tensione del collo. Ma mi piace molto la funzione di calore. Sicuramente da consigliare.

  12. Christina

    Ich bin absolut begeistert von diesem Gerät, da meine Erwartungen bei weitem übertroffen hat. Hervorragend für Verspannungen am ganzen Körper.

  13. Lucía

    Me ha gustado mucho: lo estoy usando en la parte alta de la espalda porque se me carga mucho y no puedo acudir al fisio tanto como me gustaría. Obviamente no sustituye a un profesional cuando tienes una contractura fuerte, pero se nota mucho el alivio por un buen precio.

  14. Martha

    Me ha gustado, cumple con las espectativas.

  15. Mia

    I like the fact that this massager is very easy to use – one button for three intensity levels and one for infrared heat. It’s not too big , so you can store it wherever you want. This is worth buying, especially for those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

  16. Miguel

    Funciona perfectamente.
    En el masaje simula el masaje con 4 dedos de forma suave y luego el pulgar que es el que aprieta.
    Duración aproximada. 4 masajes de 15 minutos

  17. Nino

    Il massaggiatore rilassa i muscoli di quasi tutto il corpo.
    Funziona alla grande sui muscoli del collo e delle spalle, sulla parte centrale della schiena, sulla parte bassa della schiena e sulle gambe.I materiali di costruzione sono molto buoni e sembra che sarà un prodotto durevole e resistente nel tempo.
    Inoltre, può anche emettere un leggero calore che aiuta a rilassare ulteriormente i muscoli.
    I materiali di costruzione sono molto buoni e sembra che sarà un prodotto durevole e resistente nel tempo.

  18. Maria

    Ho quasi sempre tensioni muscolari e soprattutto nella parte cervicale-il massaggiatore rilassa molto i muscoli al punto da sciogliere i nodi muscolari.Penso che la funzione dello spegnimento automatico sia molto utile anche nel caso ti addormenti.

  19. Mario

    Il massaggiatore Donnerberg offre un massaggio veramente rilassante-specialmente piacevole la funzione di calore a infrarossi!

  20. Sara

    He comprado el producto por que me lo recomendaron , muy contenta con la compra, no creo en estos productos pero este es realmente eficaz, sin duda lo recomiendo , tu mismo puedes graduar la intensidad lo que hace que sea muy práctico

  21. Dave

    No need for a professional massage anymore. Fixed a problem I had with chronic back stiffness. It is very user-friendly. You can use your own arms to adjust the pressure on your neck and shoulders. Great price for this product. Regret not getting it sooner!

  22. Alberto Díaz

    Cuando llego a casa me lo pongo los 20 minutos que dura una sesión y me deja la zona totalmente relajada. No creía que sería tan eficaz pero me ha sorprendido.

  23. Louise

    Really good for my neck pain and tense shoulders. I have been using it only 10-15 minutes in the evening and can already feel the difference. I have only used it on my neck and shoulders, but my husband has tried it on his back. The heat function is a nice touch. It’s ideal for home use. Recommended!

  24. Zak

    J’adhère totalement à cet appareil de massage. La qualité est au rendez-vous. Les matériaux sont excellents. Les coutures aussi. Niveau utilisation, c’est très simple, un bouton pour 3 niveau de massage et un bouton de chauffe.
    La massage s’accentue en fonction du poids qu’on va mettre avec les bras…
    Aucun soucis depuis des semaines.

  25. Marella

    Massaggio è molto piacevole, soprattutto dopo una dura giornata di lavoro.Acquisto consigliato!

Dimensions: 50 x 43 x 17.6 cm
Material: PU leather
Weight: 1.79 kg
Colour: black
Power: 24W
Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Contents included:
1x Massager
1x Power adapter
1x Car charger
1x Soft cloth cover for sensitive skin
1x Protective custody – environmentally friendly
1x User manual

Contact: +49 89 922 893 55 Business hours: (Mon-Fri 8h-16h)
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