Shiatsu massager-massager & pillow ( beige/set )
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Shiatsu massager-massager & pillow ( beige/set )

209,00 Inv. Vat.

✔ GERMAN ORIGINAL BRAND – Our back massager is manufactured to German quality standards which proves TÜV certificate,recommendation by German Olympic Confederation and 7 years warranty               

✔ EXCLUSIVE RELAXATION – Based on the principle of shiatsu massage which involves stimulating specific points on the body in order to relieve your tight knots, muscle aches and pain. We will deliver you tranquillity and unforgettable experience with our massager at any time without need to book masseur           

✔ VERSATILE -Adaptable to any height and body part can be applied to neck, back, shoulder, lower back, upper back, feet, legs, belly. It can help you reduce: muscle stiffness and pain, headaches, PMS symptoms, fatigue, stress               

✔ VIBRATION AND INFRARED HEAT – You also have the option to add heat for a soothing sensation as well as vibration for the ultimate back relief. Use at home, office, car, anywhere. Nothing beats relaxing massage after a long stressful day!               

✔  SUITABLE FOR BACK, SIDE AND STOMACH SLEEPERS – Orthopaedic pillow contoured to your unique body can improve sleep quality, reduce the muscular tension and provide necessary rest for your body. Enjoy in perfect night’s sleep with this amazingly comfortable bamboo pillow

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Shiatsu massager set were created for people who wish to indulge in relaxing massage on a daily basis and enjoy good night of sleep.  Accumulated stress usually negatively impacts both our physical and emotional health. Constant stress often leads to exhaustion, and we should remember to take care of our health and revitalize inside and out. Relax tense muscles with shiatsu massager and wake up well-rested and pain-free in the morning with our bamboo pillow. Implementing daily massage with Donnerberg shiatsu massager and replacing your uncomfortable pillow with Donnerberg bamboo pillow are not extreme changes to your lifestyle, but can surely contribute to long-term feelings of wellbeing.

Shiatsu massager with heat

Shiatsu massager with heat will help you reduce stress, relax muscles, improve circulation, and even strengthen your immune system. Combined with the shiatsu massagebamboo pillow is a perfect addition to the benefits that shiatsu massager with heat provides. Target painful and tense muscles with the massager after a long day at work, and enjoy a good night sleep with bamboo pillow.

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3 reviews for Shiatsu massager-massager & pillow ( beige/set )

  1. Giselle

    If you order the set, you get two products at a great price, and honestly both are so helpful. On one hand, the massager serves to relax tense body parts, and on the other hand you get a more quality sleep on the bamboo pillow.

  2. Mary

    Rarely exceptional quality. Satisfied with both the massager and the pillow- great quality and effective in reducing neck and back pain.

  3. Jacob

    I have tried everything but nothing would help me sleep better…I would be waking up at night due to neck pain. Then, I decided to purchase the bamboo pillow to see it would help. And, I am so delighted to be able to say that after few months, I am sleeping so much better. When purchasing the pillow, I have decided to purchase this set: massager+pillow. The massager was purchased as a birthday gift for my wife who suffers from neck and back pain due to long hours in the office. But, I use the massager as well now! Especially before bed to relax the neck muscles, which I think additionally alleviates my neck pain and allows me to sleep even better.

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