Nekmassageapparaat shiatsu Premium NM089 zwart

Nekmassageapparaat shiatsu Premium NM089 zwart


NEK SCHOUDER MASSAGE – Vervaardigd volgens de hoge Duitse kwaliteitsnormen, TÜV-SÜD gekeurd (certificaat nummer Z2 17 07 91698 005), aanbevolen door het Duits Olympisch Comité “DOSB”.

SHIATSU-MASSAGE – Het nek massage apparaat is gebaseerd op de principes van Shiatsu-massage, die je helpen te ontspannen en biedt verlichting bij stress, pijn en spanningen.

VEELZIJDIG – Het is niet alleen een nek schouder massage apparaat, maar je kan het massage apparaat ook gebruiken om je onderrug, bovenrug, voeten, benen en buik te masseren.

TRILFUNCTIE EN INFRAROOD LICHT – Geïntegreerde infrarood warmte helpt bij het verbeteren van de bloedcirculatie en vermindert spierspanningen. Kies de trilfunctie om spieren los te maken en pijn te verminderen.

DRAAGBAAR – Het nekmassage apparaat van Donnerberg is ideaal voor diegenen die de voordelen van massagetherapie in het comfort van thuis, kantoor of auto willen ervaren.

7 JAAR GARANTIE – 7 jaar zonder zorgen. Bij schade wordt het nek schouder massage apparaat gerepareerd of vervangen. Onze klantenservice helpt je graag verder.

INHOUD DOOS – De inhoud van de doos bevat het nek schouder massage apparaat, een stroomadapter, een auto-adapter, een zachte stoffen hoes voor de gevoelige huid, een beschermende tas die gemaakt is van duurzaam materiaal, een gebruikershandleiding en drie verwisselbare hoezen.

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Most people experience some kind of muscle pain and tension at one point in their lives. A great number of our daily activities such as typing on a computer and mobile phone or driving can cause stress on body muscles. In particular, the neck and shoulder area tend to tighten up. Regular massage is an ideal solution, but it is time-consuming and not everyone can afford it.
Donnerberg shiatsu neck and shoulder massager is designed to deliver a deep kneading massage with vibration and soothing heat. It is an ideal at-home device for instant pain relief and relaxation.
Donnerberg Original neck and shoulder massager

Relaxing hand massage

We bring massage to perfection!
8 specially designed bidirectional massage heads made of high-quality material glide flexibly and gently over the muscle areas giving you the feeling of a real hand massage. Thanks to their flexibility the massage heads perfectly mimic the finger movements of the traditional Shiatsu massage.
8 specially designed bidirectional massage heads made of high-quality material glide flexibly and gently over the muscle areas giving you the feeling of a real hand massage. Thanks to their flexibility the massage heads perfectly mimic the finger movements of the traditional Shiatsu massage.

  • 8 deep-kneading massage heads
  • The feeling of a real hand massage
  • Professional deep tissue massage in the comfort of your home
  • Trigger point massage

    You can adjust the intensity of the massage on your own!
    By pulling harder or softer on the loops you can adjust the intensity of the massage. The stronger you pull the loops, the stronger the pressure on the massage heads is. As a result, the massage is more intense.
    Target the right spot and adjust the intensity in order to enjoy a relaxing massage to the fullest!

    3 speed levels

    With Donnerberg Premium neck and shoulder massager with heat you can also tailor your massage by using the control button positioned on the massager, making it easy to switch between the three different speed and intensity settings.
    The lowest speed is preset by default when the massage device is switched on. Press the button once for medium and twice for the highest speed.
    Maximize the speed to deliver a powerful massage right to the source of your pain.

  • Low speed
  • Medium speed
  • High speed
  • Rotation direction

    The massage direction automatically changes every 15 minutes.
    When you find a painful spot, you can simply switch the direction of rotation with a press of a button, and the massage heads will rotate in the desired direction.
    Reverse the massage direction to make the most of your massage!

  • Rotation direction: left
  • Rotation direction: right
  • Speed 1
    Rotacije ulevo

    Full-body massager

    Enjoy a full body massage with our Donnerberg neck and shoulder massage pillow!
    Ergonomically designed and easy to use it enables a full body massage: it can relieve headaches and neck pain, relieve muscle pain in arms, legs and between shoulder blades, soothe tired and sore feet.

    Infrared heat therapy

    Without infrared heat

      Donnerberg Original shiatsu shoulder massager has an adjustable heat function with 2 intensity levels that can reach the temperature of up to 55 C.
      Integrated infrared heat has a number of beneficial effects on human health and pain relief is only one of them. Firstly, It can improve blood flow. Moreover, it can prevent and alleviate chronic muscle pain, soothe muscle tension, get rid of tight knots and contribute to an intensive relaxation of the muscles.
      The heat is an optional function and can be used independently of the massage.
      Warm up sore muscles and energize your entire body.
      Benefits of infrared heat:

      • Promotes blood circulation
      • Reduces neck and shoulder pain and stiffness
      • Improves flexibility of joints and connective tissues
      • Prevents muscle inflammation

    Massage with vibration

    Donnerberg neck and shoulder massager offers two types of vibration: continuous vibration and vibration in regular intervals. Vibration automatically changes every 5 seconds.
    Vibration massage penetrates into the deep-lying muscle tissue to promote blood circulation and as a result, can relieve persistent tensions and naturally remove toxins.

    Without the vibration
    • Might improve blood circulation
    • Relaxes the muscles
    • Relieves muscle tension
    • Reduces stress

    Hygiene comes first!

    Three exchangeable covers are made of breathable and soft mesh material (1 cover + 2 spare covers) are included in the package. Thanks to the zipper you can easily remove them from the massager and wash them at 30 °. They are soft yet robust, completely removable and thus ensure a hygienic and durable application.
    In addition, you will receive a washable hygiene towel made of skin-friendly material, which you can tie around the massager and use even on sensitive skin.

    German quality

    The powerfull long-lasting motor of our neck and shoulder massager machine supports an effective massage. Our neck and back massager goes through rigorous quality testing process and this is why we are confident in offering a long warranty. Donnerberg shoulder massager with heat is protected by the German Patent Office and tested by TUV Sud. We always accept full responsibility for the quality of our products and offer a 7-year warranty.
    7 year-warranty – 7 years without any worries for a carefree relaxation
    Donnerberg – German design and technology according to the highest quality standards

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