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maquina vibratoria


✔ ENTRENAMIENTO DE CUERPO COMPLETO PARA EL HOGAR: Multiplate® 3D Thera ofrece entrenamiento de resistencia óptimo a través de 6
programas diferentes y una intensidad de vibración ajustable por control remoto.

✔ MODERNO Y MÓVIL: el Multiplate® 3D Thera ahorra espacio y se puede utilizar en el espacio más pequeño. Está equipado con dos
ruedas para facilitar el transporte.

✔ SILLA DE DEPORTE: registrado en la Oficina de Patentes alemana con el número de archivo DE: 20 2018105 586.0. Para una formación

✔ FÁCIL DE USAR: gracias al diseño simple pero moderno, el asiento deportivo se puede acoplar fácilmente al Multiplate® 3D Thera.

✔ ALTA CALIDAD: aquí también, Donnerberg ha puesto énfasis en la calidad de sus productos.

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La maquina vibratoria para hacer ejercicios  funciona en 3 modos diferentes y 3 programas diferentes. Es por estos diferentes modos y programas que le permitirán completar sus ejercicios a diferentes velocidades, mientras que la máquina vibratoria para hacaer ejercicios se mueve hacia arriba y hacia abajo u oscila hacia la izquierda y hacia la derecha. Las amplitudes y oscilaciones te desafiarán y harán que los ejercicios regulares sean más interesantes. Los programas preestablecidos o el modo Manual, donde puede cambiar manualmente la velocidad y los modos, le ofrecen infinitas opciones que tine esta máquina vibratoria para hacer ejercicios para que sus entrenamientos sean rápidos, interesantes y diferentes.

Bandas de resistencia

Las bandas de resistencia es una máquina vibradora para hacer ejercicios de alta calidad diseñada y fabricada según los estándares alemanes. Además de un producto de calidad, recibirá bandas de resistencia, que se pueden unir fácilmente y son fáciles de usar. Las bandas de resistencia te permitirán ampliar tu programa de ejercicios, ya que podrás entrenar simultáneamente la parte superior e inferior del cuerpo.


¡Conecta el dispositivo Multiplate 3D a su teléfono móvil para escuchar tu música favorita mientras haces ejercicio! ¡Reproduzca la música en su Multiplate 3D y siéntase más motivado para completar sus entrenamientos!


Además de los beneficios para su salud y fortaleza física, esta máquina que vibra  para hacer ejercicios ofrece entrenamientos desde la comodidad de su hogar fáciles y convenientes que le ahorrarán tiempo y dinero. ¡No hay necesidad de gastar dinero en entrenadores personales y membresías en gimnasios! ¡Evite sentarse en el tráfico hacia y desde el gimnasio! ¡Obtenga hoy su Multiplate 3D para acceder fácilmente a entrenamientos eficientes en el hogar, sin necesidad de gastar dinero, tiempo y energía adicionales!

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Resilience max. 150 kg

Device dimensions (LxWxH) 84x50x20.5cm

Cable length 2 m

Weight gross / net 19.5 kg / 16.8 kg

Power supply 220-240 V (50/60 Hz)

Motors 2 motors

Motor power oscillation(alternating sides) 500 watts / micro vibration 25 watts

Oscillation speeds 32 levels / micro vibration 32 levels / 3D vibration 32 levels

Programs 3 preset / 3 manual

Vibration types oscillation / micro vibration / 3D vibration

Amplitude 2.2 – 8.5 mm

Frequency oscillation 5 – 10 Hz / micro vibration 31.7 – 46.7 Hz / 3D vibration 36.7 – 56.7 Hz

Color: Black

Additional functions Bluetooth speaker, LED light

Additional items resistance bands, remote control




Dimensions 72.7 x 30.3 x 20 cm

Net weight 3 kg

Gross weight 5 kg


The company Donnerberg, Mr. Svetozar Grbic, Onyxplatz 5, 80995 Munich grants a valid manufacturer’s warranty for the territory of the European Union and the civil-law defect liability. The warranty starts from the time that the device was delivered to the customer. It is not extended by a previous warranty case. The warranty is granted only to the buyer and is not transferable to third parties.
In addition to the statutory liability for defects, we also repair or replace equipment whose defects are not initial defects unless they are caused by improper use or are insignificant. The choice between replacement and repair is ours. The cost of the return shipping for certain products is covered by Donnerberg. The warranty is only granted if the defect is notified immediately upon its occurrence and is reported. You must include the claim form and the copy of your purchase receipt as the proof of warranty. Please note that we will not process warranty claims without this claim form.

Company Donnerberg

Onyxplatz 5,

80995 Munich


or telephone: +49 89 922 893 55

For any further questions, please contact us at:

CE (Conformité Européenne)- indicates that the product conforms with relevant EU directives regarding health and safety or environmental protection

RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)- restricts the use of specific hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products.

How does vibration training work?

The vibrations in the body activates the muscles (deep muscles). Vibrations cause muscle contraction and muscle relaxation, the body has to balance these stimuli in order to be able to withstand the forces that come from the vibrating plate. This happens naturally- body is producing reflex. Some of these movements are counteracted by the body – through the body’s own mechanisms.

What is the frequency of the Multiplate Sport / Thera?

The frequency of the Multiplate Sport is max. 10 Hz for the oscillation (seesaw), max. 50 Hz for micro vibration and up to 60 Hz for 3D vibration (oscillation + micro vibration).

The frequency of the Multiplate Thera is max. 10 Hz for the oscillation (seesaw), max. 5 Hz for horizontal vibration and up to 15 Hz for 3D vibration (oscillation + horizontal vibration).

Why is training on the Multiplate more effective than usual training at the gym?

Quite simply: by activating even the deep muscles to restore the body’s balance, almost 95% of all muscles in the body are used when exercising on vibration plate. Those who train their muscles in the usual way during normal exercise will activate 40% to a maximum of 60% of their muscles.

What exercises can I do with a vibration plate?

The following muscle groups can be trained very well with a vibration plate: calves, thighs, stomach, back, shoulders, chest and upper arms (biceps & triceps).

The sport/exercise seat for the Multiplate is used to activate various muscle groups and more training options.

Common “bodyweight” (own weight) exercise can be perfectly combined with a vibration plate. These are exercises that can be performed without additional weights, e.g. Pushups, side supports, squats, lunges, calf presses, etc.

In addition, exercises with light weights (dumbbells, etc.) can also be integrated into the vibration plate training.

Exercises for the back can be carried out with the accessories, resistance bands.

How long should a fitness session last to be effective?

An effective training session on vibration plate lasts between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on each individual fitness level.

What is maximum weight capacity allowed on vibration plate?

The vibration plate is very robust and resistant. Thanks to the integrated two powerful 500 watt motors, it can withstand a user weight of up to 150 kg.

Is there an age limit for body vibration exercise?

Children and adolescents should not do strength training. However, training with a therapeutic approach is harmless and can be started under the supervision of a physiotherapist, even for children under the age of 12.

Can I lose weight/fat with vibration training?

Yes, belly and organ fat are reduced for overweight people. The extra muscle mass created by exercising on the vibration plate also burns excess calories. The most effective way to reduce weight is to combine vibration training with a healthy diet.

Can I use vibration plate for massage?

The vibrations can also be used for massage purposes. A vibration massage has in common with other forms of massages, mechanical stimulus is exerted on the skin, connective tissue and muscles, thus locally increasing the blood circulation, stimulating the metabolism and counteracting tension. In addition to the positive effects on the body, a relaxing massage is always an opportunity to regenerate mentally. A few minutes a day are usually enough to reduce stress of everyday life and then to be able to cope with new tasks more balanced and strengthened. The vibrating plate Multiplate Sport send micro vibrations, it does not wobble. It is ideal for a vibrating massage because it acts on your body at high frequencies. This type of massage is particularly suitable for connective tissue, blood circulation and for reducing tension. To relax the back muscles, you can simply sit on the sport/exercise seat while the vibration plate is running.

Can you use the Multiplate Thera in rehabilitation process?

Yes, especially after a long lying in bed situation and for people who have lost their muscles mass due to not exercising. Vibration training with the Multiplate Thera can help rebuild the muscles gradually choosing right frequency and amplitude according to your needs.

Which Donnerberg vibration plate  is more suitable for me?

Donnerberg offers you two types of vibration. If you want to prevent joint injuries, improve your coordination and mobility, and gradually and gently strengthen your muscles, then Multiplate Thera with its light vibrations in the lower frequency range is the right vibration plate for you. Stay fit with home exercise.

Multiplate Sport, on the other hand, involves intense high frequency muscle training, body shaping, active fat burning, and fitness training.

Choose the right vibration plate for your desired goals you would like to achieve.  If you are unable to decide or have any further questions, you can write to our customer support at the following email :


What distinguishes the Multiplate from other vibration plates on the market?

Donnerberg uses high-quality components (including high-quality plug connections, high-quality three-phase motors developed in-house, stable frame structures, stainless steel screws, etc).

You can save on the materials listed above in competitor products (hence lower price) and you will feel difference in terms of comfort, smooth running, changing operating modes or the life circle of your vibration plate.

Our electronics, which were developed by qualified engineers, are designed for stability, durability, reliability and long-term operation.

The Multiplate 3D also offers  to you:

  • Automatically changing frequencies (automatic program)
  • 32 different intensity levels (can be set manually)
  • Three types of vibrations in one vibration plate
  • The sport/exercise seat for more versatile and efficient training. It can be easily attached to the vibration plate and removed again.
  • Balance and coordination training
  • Very quiet operation
  • Improved technology
  • Pleasant acoustic properties of the Bluetooth speakers
  • Undisturbed vibration training possible thanks to sophisticated vibration technology
  • Powerful dual motor
  • Comfortable and simple operation via the remote control
  • Your Multiplate 3D vibration plate comes directly from us as a German manufacturer (direct sales from the German family company).
  • New innovations


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Además del derecho legal de responsabilidad por defectos, también reparamos o reemplazamos dispositivos cuyos defectos no son defectos iniciales, siempre que no hayan sido causados ​​por un uso incorrecto o sean irrelevantes. La elección entre cambio y reparación depende de nosotros. Asumimos los costos del envío de devolución. La garantía solo se otorga si el defecto ocurre inmediatamente después de su aparición

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