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Multiplate 3D

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HOME GYM- Get easy access to efficient home workouts with Multiplate 3D. Manually customise the speed, level, and mode, or choose one out of 3 pre-set programmes as you prefer, in order to achieve desired results

BENEFITS- Build muscles, improve muscle strength and blood circulation, lose weight, or reduce fat tissue with Multiplate 3D. Maintain your body in good shape and form with Multiplate 3D

EASY USAGE- Multiplate 3D is equipped with a roller, which facilitates moving and positioning of your Multiplate 3D onto the suitable place for your workout. Remote control allows you to easily change programmes or manually design your workouts

ULTIMATE FITNESS PACKAGE- Multiplate 3D comes included with Bluetooth, resistance bands, and the online format of our exercise booklet, which were designed to make your workouts more entertaining and enjoyable

GERMAN QUALITY- Our objective is to offer Donnerberg clients with reliable materials and design that fulfil all demands for German quality and performance