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Donnerberg Original Massager NM089 - Bronze medal for the revolutionary invention at the competition - Concours Lepine in Paris

Donnerberg took part in a prestigious competition for the innovative products at the Concours Lepine that took place in Paris in May 2018 and won the bronze medal. Awarded by the Concours Lepine organization and the French society in the field of sports medicine. To recall, the Concours Lepine manifestation has been held since 1901 and brings together inventions from around the world in different fields.

On the occasion of receiving the award, the director and inventor of this patent, Margita Grbic, stated:

"We are very honoured with this prestigious prize and proud to take a part at the Concours Lepine competition. Our product is truly revolutionizing in the field of massage and manufactured according to German quality standards. This medal confirms the high quality of this product and its original design. ‘’