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The massager SportGun – percussion massage muscle pain relief

December 06, 2019
With the new SporGun massager, Donnerberg is in the process of conquering the European market. Find out what this massag...
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Mobilization of the ankle using the vibration plate

November 08, 2019
Our ankles are exposed daily to great stress. Our full body weight is supported by the ankle during standing and walki...
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Vibration training for back pain

November 01, 2019
More and more people spend long hours sitting which leads to strain on the spine. With age, the susceptibility to back p...
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Vibration plate Multiplate ® 3D – vibration plate exercise

October 14, 2019
You often see vibration plate in gyms, wellness and rehabilitation centers and more often in the living room. Their appe...
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Anxiety disorder - causes and how therapeutic massage can help

September 27, 2019
Generalized anxiety disorders (GAS) determine the everyday life of many people. The symptoms are irritability, restlessn...
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