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New Year's resolutions - these 10 things really make sense

December 23, 2019
The New Year is coming. It is the time to think about New Year resolutions. We have a few suggestion...
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Running during winter - stay fit and healthy during cold weather and snow

December 13, 2019
Many runners fear the cold season, icy temperatures, frozen ground and the early break of darkness. ...
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The massager SportGun – percussion massage muscle pain relief

December 06, 2019
With the new SporGun massager, Donnerberg is in the process of conquering the European market. Find ...
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Mobilization of the ankle using the vibration plate

November 08, 2019
Our ankles are exposed daily to great stress. Our full body weight is supported by the ankle durin...
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Vibration training for back pain

November 01, 2019
More and more people spend long hours sitting which leads to strain on the spine. With age, the susc...
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