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Chair back support - Donnerberg

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  • ✔  HELP RELIEVE BACK PAIN - Donnerberg lumbar support is portable and comfortable. It may help relieve and prevent back pain, corrects the posture of the spine when sitting. It is ideal for people who spend many hours sitting and / or with back pain
  • GERMAN QUALITY - It is made of highly resistant materials, a German quality and durable product that meets the expectations of our customers, can be used whenever and wherever you want, either as a preventive measure or to calm existing back pain problems. It is recommended to use it whenever you are sitting for several hours
  • ✔ PORTABLE - Easy and simple, it is placed on the backrest of the seat or on any type of chair. Use it in the office, in the car or at home. It is portable and you can take it with you to any other place where you will be sitting for a long time
  •  OPTIMAL SPINE SUPPORT - Lumbar support Donnerberg assures an optimal curve of the spine when sitting, its function may help relieve and prevent back pain derived from bad habits in the form of sitting to which we are exposed. It is suitable for people of any age