Wellness and massage for seniors

Wellness and massage for seniors

Term “Wellness” represents methods and treatments, intended to increase well-being of the body, spirit and soul. Generally, it refers to relaxation methods like meditation, massages or saunas, as well as exercising and healthy diet.

Wellness treatments have positive effect on the whole organism. Massages of the face, neck and head relieve from tension. Whole body massages relax the musculature and promote the circulation.

Wellness options for seniors are very similar to the ones for younger population. The biggest differences are in the amount of pressure. Given that the needs and sensations of the elderlies are different, they require lighter massages. The sensation should be like massage of the soul with careful touches which provide comfort.

Through the years the body starts to lose moist, elasticity and strength. Limited mobility can frequently lead to to the pain or tension which can be consequences of the falls, fractures, surgery, disease, as well as paralysis caused by a stroke or it may arise as a lack of exercises as well as inadequate body posture which can intensify the pain even more. Elderly people usually have porous bones, poor circulation, thinner and more vulnerable skin.

Therefore, each treatment should be in accordance with current situation and individual needs. Massaging elderly persons mostly includes light, cautious and gentle touches, as well as soft techniques for muscle relaxation.

Advantages of the massage in the golden years:

  • increased activity and vitality

  • stimulation of breathing, bloodstream, lymphatic system and metabolism

  • body seems stretched and relaxed

  • eases the joint, muscle and body pain

  • increases agility and body perception

  • strengthens the immune system, activates self-healing powers

  • strengthens the nervous system and increases vitality

  • relaxing effect, stimulates well-being and optimistic attitude towards life

and many, many more: It is surprising how one regular, gentle massage can be effective. It can also serve as a preventive health measure. Nevertheless, you shouldn't neglect informing yourself and consult reliable doctor.

However, to do wellness doesn't mean it is necessary to go to a hotel, wellness or spa center. You can practice wellness at your home and adjust it to your budget. With our innovative Donnerberg Original massager with the press of one button you can relax your body and improve your well-being, at any time you want. Pressure is easily adjustable, you can determine the appropriate intensity by yourself, by pulling the straps forward either lightly or firmly. It is never too late to improve your health and quality of life, so start now.