Top five ways to boost your immune system

Change of seasons equals change in temperature. October and November bring temperatures below 10 degrees celsius, which replace summer temperatures of 30 degrees celsius or above. Temperature oscilations represent an ideal foundation for flu to develop. However, you can avoid cold and flu if you have a strong immune system. If that is not the case and you think you should consider boosting your immune system, take a look at 5 easy ways to do so!

1. Orange/lemon/grapefruit/ginger - Vitamin C!

Make sure that food mentioned above is a part of your daily diet. You can add them in tea, make squeezed juice, or simply eat them. In case you are not a fan of citrus addition in your meals, you can cut these ingredients and put them in mild water that you can drink throughout the day. People believe they must increase vitamin, mineral, and liquid intake with the occurance of the flu. However, it is important to remember that we need to begin with this routine way ahead as a way to constantly protect our imune system and prevent cold and flu.

2. Regular hand-washing 

Reminding adults to wash their hands may sound odd, however that is definitely a reminder that many need. We often forget to wash our hands regularly, especially at places where we are more likely to forget, such as at work while sitting at the computer desk and reaching for a snack. When there is a large number of people who may share office space, it is important to be careful and prevent flu to spread. Also, if possible, avoid often hand-shaking and traveling in public transportation.

3. Spend as much time outside as possible 

Utilize your lunch break to take a short walk outside in the fresh air. If the weather is nice, moderate exposure to sun is recommended due to the increase of vitamin D in a human organism. Open windows sustain constant air flow which is important because we should regularly maintain a good air flow in our offices and at home as a way to avoid accumulation of viruses and bacteria.

4. Avoid stress 

Easier said than done, but in order to protect our physical and mental health it is of imperative significance to control stress and anxiety as much as possible. Focus on organization and time management as you will have more control over your time and obligations, which will ultimately reduce stress. In case you need to relax and feel the tension leave your body, a massage is always a good idea!

5. Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation leads to your body experiencing lack of immune system strength. Make sure to go to bed and wake up aroud the same time each day. Also, make sure that all electronic devices are not close to you nor your bedroom. To get a good night of sleep, cellphones, tablets, and tvs should not be in your bedroom. Well-rested body is a healthy body!

That would be a short list of top 5 ways to boost your immune system. Evidentialy, we can increase the quality of our lives by doing numerous other activities. However, these five will make a big change in your lifestyle and health. What are your go-to ways to keep healthy during winter?