There has been a number of questions from customers on a daily base asking  us to explain why are we better than others and why should they buy our massager, when there are a lot of similar products on the market, for a lower price. Well, we think it is time to answer on all these questions, and to help all of you who are still struggling whether to buy Donnerberg massager or a cheaper version.

1. REAL BRAND QUALITY – we are registered  German trademark certified by recognised institutions  such as TUV, ROHS, CE.  We are proud for endorsment by  the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB). This endorsment does not just gives us credibility, it is also a strong argument that makes the difference between the various copies that exist on the market and us. If you would like to find more information which certificates Donnerberg massager holds  please visit the following links : 

2. PATENT FOR DESIGN – registered design protection is also something that we are proud of and you can not find with any other similar product with design protection. Our console/control board is unique because it has 5 different buttons - 5 diffrent functions. You can choose infrared heat, directon of the massage heads, vibration and speed level to customize your massage experience. Hand loops are made especially  to fit perfectly  persons of all body height and weight and their perfect fit gives you possibillity to easily move the massager left or to the right side.


    3. TOP QUALITY OF MATERIALS – what does it mean? It means that our massagers are made from top quality PU ( Polyurethane ) and not a real leather because we appreciate our environment. All our parts are RoHS compliant as we think about our customers health and safety (RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances – it restricts the use of six hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products.¹).

    4. THE ENGINE AND MASSAGE HEADS – without powerful engine inside a massager you can not expect a good massage. Donnerberg engine have 8 flexible massage heads made using a special technical process that gives them tenacity and long term durability and are the key for feeling of real and most natural hand massage. Not everyone can claim the same for their engines.

      5. SEVEN YEARS WARRANTY – because of all we’ve mentioned above, and our strong faith in a quality and durability of our product  we offer to our customers a 7 years warranty. Uniqe with this warranty offer on the market you must agree this is a great deal.

      So, do not just think we are all same because we are not! And yes, there is maybe a lot of similar ( even copy paste ) products out there, but Donnerberg Original is only one. If you still think how our product is expensive, think again! Your 40, 50 or 60 dollars/euros spent for something that you cannot confirm or believe in their quality can eventually be shown as a waste of money.

      When you buy ORIGINAL brand -  you are investing in your well-being and you are being on a safe side.