Massage for babies and children - why massages are important and beneficial

Massages are  pleasant and relaxing but also beneficial for the body. They are not only useful to adults but for children also. Massage for babies can help easy baby cramps during their first months of life.


When babies are born, their immune system and organs are not fully developed - more precisely, their intestines do not have all the enzymes developed that will help them with food digestion. Babies spend 9 months inside the womb getting all nutrition through umbilical cord, when baby is born and starts to feed in a different way (breastfeeding or bottle- sucking ) it causes some stress to their little body and underdeveloped intestines. Through the breastfeeding and drinking milk on the bottle babies sucks in lots of air and because of that develop stomach cramps.

When baby is crying, it is difficult to calm her down, doctors and pharmacists will recommend various drops and remedies to soothe cramps, some will help and some will not. Perhaps you could try with baby massage.  Massaging baby tummy you could help air accumulated in the intestines to get out and relieve baby pain. Baby's massage is also beneficial for improving blood circulation, strengthening immunity, improving baby sleep as well as for the growth and development of a child.


Mothers touch to baby is invaluable. They are connected from the conception to the end of their lives. When a mother touches a baby, baby feels secure and loved, this way they strengthens their relationship. When you massage your baby, do it gentle with slow movements and pressures of the palms and fingertips. While you massage baby, look and talk to her, it is important for the babies to feel comfortable and relaxed.


Room where you will massage your baby needs to be warm, pleasant and quiet. If you wear jewelry on your hands, please remove it. You can use baby massage oil, rub some oil between palms of your hands to warm it up. Repeat every movement 2-3 times and the duration of the total massage will determine the patience of your child.

It takes some time for both, baby and mum to adjust to a massage so be patient. Initially massages will last for a few minutes, but with time and habit duration of the massage will prolong.



If your baby has cramps, you can massage her when you notice that she is in pain or as a prevention. Rub some oil between palms of your hands to warm it up, using very mild pressure, make strokes from baby chest to the lower abdomen. Repeat this movement several times and then bend baby's legs and gently push them towards tummy. Then, make circular movements clockwise, with both hands. Baby massage always need to feel pleasant.  Repeat  circular movements several times, same as bending of the leg.

* Massage movements for babies who have cramps were taken from the IAIM International Association of Infant Massage