Leben mit Stil
"Leben mit Stil" is an online magazine, which from 1998. covers different variety of topics in its articles, and provides daily reports about Wellness, pleasure, food and drink, cooking, travel, culture, leisure, hunting, books, new technologies and games. We set a goal to ourselves, to direct our reader's attention to "trendy" products. In our reader's nook, we present 400 books annually. Pure relaxation! - Donnerberg Original Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu massager Revolutionary Donnerberg massager is based on the principles of legendary Shiatsu massage. It provides the feeling of a natural kneading massage, which fully adjusts to different parts of the body. It is great that massager can be applied selectively on every desired spot of the body. It is ideal for active massage of the neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, back, hips, legs, stomach and feet – that is, the whole body. Intensity of the massage can be adjusted manually, by pulling the arm straps. There are no special levels or programs of the massage, everyone can use the massager according to their needs. You can massage yourself without the help of anyone else. Massager is very flexible, light, small and easy to handle. You can easily pack it, because it doesn't take up a lot of space. Thanks to its car adapter, Donnerberg Original is ideal for travelling by car or camping. You can use it everywhere when you need the massage, after workouts, before, during or after work or when you simply want to relax. Many of our clients who regularly use Donnerberg Original Shiatsu massager are completely satisfied with our product. This was confirmed in the comparative study with the similar products, conducted on the portal www.nackenmassagegerät24.de. Donnerberg massager got the highest mark. Many positive comments were given for high quality production, flexible possibility of application, as well as easy handling. Design of the Donnerberg Shiatsu massager has been tested, protected and certified by the accredited testing centre TÜV SÜD. It is recommended to athletes and to the people who appreciate their health by German Olympic Sports Confederation. A couple more facts: Donnerberg Original – Original, High Quality – 3 Years Warranty – DOSB Certified Shiatsu Massage – No knocking massage – Additional Infrared Heating Function Applicable on all body parts – especially neck and shoulders Active and pleasant Shiatsu massage Improves circulation Fortifies nervous and immune system Helps with headaches and migraines Simultaneosly rotating massage heads Light, small, room saving and easy to handle Cordless, integrated panel with buttons Compact design, ideal for use at home or while travelling 2 speeds – 2 direction of rotation – 8 massage heads – car adapter Protected design AZ 402013002229-0001 – certified by TÜV– Recommended by German Olympic Sports Confederation Additional equipment: - Power adapter - Travel adapter 12V - Soft cloth cover for sensitive skin - Protective bag made of eco-friendly material - User manual - Power: 30 W - Weight: 1,8 kg - Colours: gray/orange, black The Donnerberg company which is based in Munich was founded in 2007 and it specializes in production and development of wellness products. Donnerberg massagers are being sold primarily on fairs, through direct sale, but they can also be bought on the Internet (online). Furthermore this company successfully cooperates with physiotherapists, pharmacies, fitness clubs, wellness and beauty centers. The social arrangement of the Donnerberg company is focused on Children's Village SOS (SOS-Kinderdorf). Any additional information and the possibility of ordering can be found directly at Donnerberg.