Health, wellness, healthy nutrition, and fitness are topics that have become extremely popular in the last few years. Numerous companies manufacture, produce, and distribute lifestyle enhancing products. This type of industry promotes facts that we should take into consideration, but also myths that have been falsely accepted as truth over time. Due to internet accessibility and different stories that are shared among people, these myths have become a common part of every day life. Here, we share five interesting myths and facts about healthy lifestyle:

1. YOU MUST DRINK 8 GLASSES OF WATER A DAY - this is a very common sentence that we’ve heard so many times. Water is indeed the essential source of life and enough water intake is extremely significant. However, people differ, thus, what is enough water for one, might be too much water for the other and vice versa. According to former professor at Dartmouth Medical School, Heinz Valtin¹, water should be consumed while eating and when experiencing thirst. The best way to check whether one consumes enough water is through urine- dark urine with bad odor indicates dehidratation, while light yellow or almost colourless urine signals enough water intake.

2. CARBS MAKE YOU GAIN WEIGHT - there are different types of carbs or sugars. There is sugar in vegetables, fruit, and sweets. A banana or an orange are a healthy replacement for a slice of chocolate cake, that we should probably choose most of the time. However, just because chocolate has more sugar than fruit, that does not mean that we should not indulge once in a while - our body requires all kinds of sugar to produce energy.

3. SUNSCREEN SHOULD ONLY BE APPLIED DURING DIRECT SUN EXPOSURE - again, false. We should reapply sunscreen every hour when exposing our skin to sun. We are exposed to sun effects even when not clearly visible, such as on a cloudy day. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to add sunscreen to your daily skin care routine. We must treat our skin during the whole year, not only while on vacation on the beach.

4. COFFEE IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU - another false belief. A recent study² conducted in Italy about coffee effects on human organism has found evidence that coffee improves health in various aspects, such as: decreases the risk of cancer (colon, breast and prostate cancer), decreases the risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Parkinsons disease, and the risk for sudden death. If you are pregnant, it is recommended to lower or even better, completely withdraw from coffee intake. But, if you do not belong to this group, just enjoy your cup of coffee a day.

5. YOU MUST EXERCISE EVERY DAY - unless you are a professional athlete, working out every day might not be the best solution for you. Your body needs rest in between exercise - a day of rest is the optimal time for human body to recover in between workouts. In case you fear to miss out on exercise, incorporate a brisk 15 minute walk on your rest days. Even a little bit of exercise counts.

These are just few popular myths regarding health and wellness. Have you heard of them before? Did you know the real truth about coffee and exercise? Did you believe certain myths until you read our blog today? Share your thoughts in the comment section.