Trigger Points & Shiatsu Infrared Massager

Recommended and tested by Markus. D. Gunsch, M.Sc. Univ. medicine, B.Sc. Health Univ.

Master and Doctor of physical therapy, homeopath, OMT osteopath (Association of independent osteopaths), health and quality manager (Munich University).

Do you want to experience the feeling of a real hand massage? Then use Trigger Points & Shiatsu Infrared Massager. It is particularly recommendable for intensive Trigger Points massage. I use it mainly to massage my stiff cervical-dorsal region. Additional heating function provides the full experience of a pleasant massage.

This massager creates the feeling of a natural massage, while at the same time provides intensive Trigger Points, Shiatsu & Myofascial massage, especially adapted to punctually triggers the myofascial points of pain. Ideal for active massage of the neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, upper and lower back, hips, legs, stomach and feet.

Intensity of the massage can be adjusted manually by lightly pulling flexible arm straps. You can massage yourself without the help from anyone else. Donnerberg Original is portable device, ideal for traveling, thanks to its portable cigarette lighter adapter.

As a professor, instructor for physiotherapists and masseurs, as well as independent physiotherapist, osteopath, expert for sport and health, I can not be that easily persuaded. Nevertheless, I can only recommend this product.

This product can not replace manual therapy, but it is ideal as additional therapeutic method. To be honest, after my long lasting experience, most of the massages are too light for me. Hardly anyone can provide good and intensive Trigger Points & Shiatsu massage. Above all, this kind of the massage demands finger pressure and strong hands, but not many people can endure massaging someone for a long period of time. Therefore I tested this device personally, and it fulfilled my expectations of a very demanding person, in every way. Since I am also the quality manager by profession, I know that my patients and clients also need devices for independent exercising, therefore I give them homework assignments like Flexi-bar or Fitness roll/Black roll. This doesn't replace Donnerberg massager in any way, especially because in my opinion there is nothing better to use for nape and neck massage. I must emphasize that the massager is not exclusively intended for neck massage, but also for efficient massage of upper and lower back, arms, legs and buttocks. Eight rotating heads effectively release the tension in the tissues. For more intensive use of the massager, you can lie on it or pull the flexible arm straps. Silent rotation heads of the massager can turn clockwise or counter-clockwise by pressing the direction button. By pressing the third button of the massager you can choose to turn on/off the infrared heating function. Many patients of mine who regularly use this product are absolutely satisfied with it and they don't experience any pain.