Cellulite: A defeatable skin condition

Cellulite is weakness of the connective tissue caused by hormonal factors in leg, derriere, hips and sometimes upper arms area. It affects 80 to 90% of women of advanced age, as well as young girls that are overweight or whose connective tissue is weak. Because these dimples look similar to cheese puffs, this skin conditions is also called ‘cottage cheese thighs’. Nevertheless, there’s a solution for everything in life, even for this cosmetic issue.

  •          Movement

It is nothing new that sport and physical exercise are very beneficial for health. By doing them one reduces body fat, making the cellulite harder to notice. Here are some of the strengthening exercises for thigh muscles.

  1.       Stretch your hands forward, and place your feet hip-distance apart. Start doing slow squats, keeping your back straight.
  2.       Lie down on the floor and hold a stick with both hands. Stretch your arms up, placing the stick horizontally. Try to touch the stick with your legs, paying close attention to your pain barrier.
  3.       What would leg stretching be like without a squatting exercise? Bend your knees, so that your behind touches your heels. As you stand up and squat again, place your tush from one leg to the other.
  4.       And now an exercise „on all fours“. Place your hands and knees on the floor, making sure your head and back are aligned in a straight line. Stretch your left leg as you breathe out, and lower it as you breathe in.

If you don’t feel like going to the gym or doing regular exercises, all you need to do is to change a few habits. Instead of riding an elevator, use stairs! With this activity you will burn 10 calories in a minute by exercising body areas hit with cellulite. Easy cardiovascular exercises such as long walks and bicycle rides are also very useful for toning, as well as for the overall stamina. Replace the bus and car rides with a simple walk. In a few weeks you will surely feel the difference in your health and muscle condition.

  •          Pampering

Every woman likes to spoil herself with beauty care. Cellulite treatment doesn’t have to be painful, but a part of daily grooming routine. There are various creams with metabolic activating properties, but first – a contrast shower! Pour not too warm, not to cold water over your thighs and tush for three times in a row. The warm-cold-stimulus promotes blood flow, but also releases unnecessary toxins as well. You can also try exfoliating in the shower. This method is known for stimulating microcirculation, which leads to disappearance of dead skin cells. There’s a vast array of different products that fight off cellulite, and the best of them contain substances such as: caffeine, ruscus, ginkgo balboa, ginseng, L-carnitine, red-vine-leaf and horse chestnut extract.

  •          Nutrition

You can try all methods and exercises, but the most important thing for successful cellulite elimination is undeniably a healthy and balanced nutrition. It is very important to enrich your meals with fresh vegetables and fruit. On the other hand, acid-forming foods such as white flour products, alcohol, coffee, white sugar, as well as the cigarettes are probably the reason for the cellulite development. It is also advisable to drink 2 to 3 liters of still water (or unsweetened tee) every day. Water makes the skin look firm, and decreases the visibility of bumps.