Barbara auf der Heide, blogger
In her blog, Barbara auf der Heide documents the process of her therapy treatment of fibromyalgia with guaifenesin. Barbara decided to undertake this therapy by herself, since conventional medicine doesn't recognize this kind of treatment. On her blog, you can follow the improvements of her health from the start of the therapy in May 2012 until today. By publishing regular video posts, other people suffering from fibromyalgia are included in her treatment. She also exchanges her experience with other people who apply this therapy on self-organized group meetings in the Northern Germany. This treatment, apart of the use of the medicines, is followed by the change in diet which consists of small amounts of carbohydrates.[/atab][/spoiler][spoiler][atab accordion=true title="A person suffering from fibromyalgia and a blogger ("] As people suffering from fibromyalgia, we experience various symptoms, which are not that easily treated. Fibromyalgia is perceived as an incurable disease, and therefore according to conventional medicine, only its symptoms can be treated. I also experience many various symptoms. Main symptoms of fibromyalgia are muscle pain and exhaustion. Like the other people suffering from this disease, during my life I tested different therapies, approaches and methods of treatment, unfortunately without success. From 2012, I started administering the treatment with guaifenesin by myself. This is the method of treating fibromyalgia with medicines, which is not recognized by conventional medicine. From the start I have been noting positive changes on my blog, in video posts. This therapy also includes the change in diet, which was very useful for me and forms the essential part of my blog. Many things have changed since the beginning of the treatment. Now I can work again and engage in physical activities. Although the symptoms like exhaustion, muscle pain, spasms and myogelosis have improved and become less expressive with the help of guaifenesin, they haven't disappeared yet. Sometimes, when I feel more stressed, the symptoms become notable again. Periodical head pressure and tension are also some of the symptoms which are partly present. When I passed next to the Donnerberg stand on one fair, I was really skeptical. In my experience, like someone suffering from fibromyalgia, I have no benefits from the massages, on the contrary they worsen my symptoms. However, I felt a significant improvement in the back area, followed by significant relaxation of the muscles. When I tested their device, I was amazed: this was exactly the type of thing I was looking for! The device with which I, by myself, can determine the right spot and the intensity of the massage. With the help of the Donnerberg massager it is very easy to precisely determine the area of the massage. By pulling the straps you can regulate the pressure and intensity of the massage. Immediately after the application I felt some kind of circulation in my back muscles, like the liberation of some kind of energy. I have been using this device for a few months now, and I can not live without it anymore. It enriched my health in a great measure. In my opinion, this device improved my health even more. I massage each part of my body by necessity: neck (from nape to head), shoulders, whole back, muscles of the buttock, the area around the pelvis, legs, feet and arms. Only 1-2 areas of the body are still sensitive because of fibromyalgia, therefore on these areas the device can be used for a short period of time and with maximal alert. My recommendation is the following: anyone who has the opportunity to test this device shouldn't miss it. For example, you can test it on a fair and ensure that this product is really great.