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Acupressure Mat - Mini Berg ( Foot Massage )

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  • ✔ AT HOME ACUPRESSURE HEALING THERAPY - Acupressure has been used for centuries - it releases pain and helps relax muscles and stimulate nerves. With acupressure mat you can enjoy the healing power anywhere

  • ✔ PAIN RELIEF AND BOOST ENERGY - Pressure of the nails are helping to release endorphins which is a natural drug that makes you feel good and energised. Endorphins are known to provide a sense of joy, energy and can also help with relieving discomfort

  • ✔ PORTABLE  - accupressure mat is suitable to use at home, in the office or while travelling, almost everywhere. It is suitable for all ages and very easy to use. Pamper your feet after a long walk, workout or while working or watching TV

  • ✔ BENEFITS - Acupressure foot mat can:improve blood circulation,boost energy and stamina level in your body,eliminate toxins from the body and improve sleep

  • *Note: If you are using acupressure foot massager for the first time, you will feel pricks on the soles of your feet, because your nerve points are weak at the time. If you have sensitive skin and pricking is unpleasant at first, then try to use a soft cotton cloth for the first few applications.