Your stomach will be grateful!

In case you consiously feel your digestive organs working, that may be an indicator of the problem in their function. Bloatness, cramps in the stomach as well as the sensation of fullness may indicate to digestive problems.

Constipation is a widespread disease and a great number of people can not imagine bowel emptying process without laxatives or other substances that increase bowel movements. Laxatives can be harmful for the intestines if used for a long periods of time, which can lead to drug addiction.

Let’s assume you have constipation problems. What can you do about it?

You have probably tried different laxatives and similar substances, which are usually used for proper functioning of the body.

Why don’t you try stomach massage?

While on the one hand regular substances can cause addictions, on the other hand other substances of herbal origin may cause cramps in the stomach. Stomach massage can help and it is free. In this manner digestive tract is not tortured with various chemical substances, which only weaken and irritate the stomach even more.

People will usually go to the masseur or ask someone to provide them with the massage. However, stomach massage is different, you don’t need anyone else except yourself and a few minutes of your time. Nothing else.

Stomach is the part of the body’s digestive system, which can be easily massaged with the help of the hands. Digestive system is situated in the soft region of the stomach and it is quite available to our hands.

Optimal digestion and functional bowels are the basis of overall health and therefore, independent massage of the stomach affects every health problem in a considerably positive manner and it may help in reducing a range of problems, from stomach problems to headaches.

Independent stomach massage is intended for people experiencing any kind of problems with digestive system. Constipation and bloatness can be especially reduced thanks to the massage. Good massage can also help with losing weight, cleansing and detoxication of the organism.

The biggest advantages of the stomach massage are:

improves and leads to regular bowel movements and cleansing of the intestines
helps in losing weight
relaxes the muscles in the area around bowels, and decreases bloatness
removes backache and improves body posture
improves blood supply in the stomach region that leads to more efficient oxigen supply to abdomen
alleviates hemorrhoid pain
for women alleviates pain in lower abdomen
removes emotional tension

Independent massage with light movements in combination with soft pressure stimulates the bowel movement and it can accelerate digestion and remove constipation without any side effects.

There are various kinds of stomach massage. Some of them comprise kneading massage of the stomach i.e intestines, some of them entail gentle rubbing of the skin and they are also extremely efficient. Choose the method which best suits to your needs!

Massage is particularly efficient if it is employed once or twice a day. It would be ideal to have first massage session in the morning, after waking up, while you are still lying in bed. Second massage session should be in accordance with your daily plan, for example, half an hour after dinner. One massage should last 10-15 minutes.

What are the results like? Not only you will feel better, you will look much better as well. Your posture will improve, and your mood along with it!

Long term problems with constipation, and digestive system accustomed on laxatives and similar substances can not be cured with only one massage session. For something like that to happen it is important to carry out regular daily massage sessions during a couple of weeks.

Don’t forget one thing: Always consult your doctor for a professional advice. Stated information can not serve as a replacement for professional medical help.

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