Workplace stress – how can you manage it?

As impossible as it may sound, workplace stress reducing is a realistical goal and there are different methods to achieve it. Do you experience lack of energy and feel exhausted at the end of the day? Then, you might be suffering from job burnout, which is job-related stress causing mental and emotional exhaustion. In this case, you should take a break! Job burnout may not only cause exhaustion, but also sleep issues and weakening of immune system.


Several factors may cause workplace stress. For instance, not enough working space or lack of fresh air in the office can cause anxiety and stress. Demanding tasks and short deadlines, feeling like you don’t have control all the time, dissatisfaction with your own results, or disturbed interpersonal relationships with your colleagues can increase stress level easily. But you don’t have to worry that much. Workplace stress occurs every day to every working person all over the world, and with little effort you can overcome it.


Read further to learn more about simple methods that you can incorporate into your daily routine in order to handle stress in the workplace:

Time management – Prevent the lack of time become a source of stress for you. Our advice for you is to set the alarm half an hour earlier than usual. In this manner, you can wake up in peace, stretch, relax and set your goals for the day. After the  morning routine, it is very important to have enough time for breakfast.

– Once you arrive to work, set up priorities for that day. Often, an efficient work distribution helps plan the workload for the day. Start with the easiest task first.

– Make sure to take a break; whether on your own or accompanied by your coworkers over lunch or a cup of coffee (or tea). If time permits, take a short walk outside the building.

– How about a bit of humour at work? Short and funny small talk with coworkers helps relax even in stressful situations. It is well known that laughter helps people become more flexible, sociable and healthier.

Massage at work is a great way to reduce stress. We recommend our Donnerberg back and neck massager, which can be used to relax, even at work or at the comfort of your own home.

Leave your workplace when you are supposed to. Work requires focus and concentration, and that’s just not possible with a 12-hour workday. Clearly, overtime is sometimes necessary, but make overtime an exception, not a rule. Long hours with short breaks have a negative impact on your productivity and your health. Long hours and overtime may lead to burnout.

– When you come home after a long day at work, a warm bath and a cup of herbal tea will help you relax and sleep better. And do not forget, set the alarm earlier!


Dedicate your free time to your friends and family, and your hobbies. Whenever you can, turn off your electronic devices, such as your smartphones, and spend time outside in the nature.
And last but not least – accept that you don’t have control over everything.
If you have experienced job burnout or have any thoughts on this topic, comment below and share your opinion with us!


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