Wellness Holiday

HOLIDAY TIME should be the best time of the year. Unfortunately, the time before and after the holidays is often associated with unavoidable stress. And nowadays, no one can afford to feel even more stressed or tired after the precious time off. These days off should only be used to make you feel better. Would you like to experience a relaxed holiday and ultimately feel better than usual when you return from vacation? Then treat yourself to something good and enjoy the holiday with all your senses, no matter where you spend it.


 A wellness vacation is the perfect way to forget the stress of everyday life, to really switch off and let go and above all recharge the batteries. Whether you choose a wellness weekend, a short holiday trip, a longer vacation trip very close or in the far distance, or a very simple pampering time at home, the main thing you can really relax.

The many tour operators have an extensive selection of travel destinations within UK as well as worldwide. Pure relaxation awaits you in the harmoniously exclusive ambience of the many spa and wellness hotels. Let your soul relax during a spa holiday and experience pure relaxation with soothing massages, warming baths or beauty treatments, in the sauna or in the whirlpool.


The hotel of your choice should definitely have a spa with at least an indoor pool, a sauna, a gym as well as treatment rooms for massages and beauty treatments. What could be more wonderful than lying on a comfortable couch in the wellness area, listening to relaxing music and enjoying a soothing massage? Soothing or activating, relaxing or stimulating: massages have different effects on the body.

The true perfection of your ideal holiday can be provided by the wellness and spa centres with state-of-the-art wellness areas, where you can even get a complete spa treatment from a certain length of stay. The range of relaxation techniques offered in these wellness oases ranges from massages to Far Eastern practices to spas and body wraps. With the countless and above all attractive offers it is sometimes not so easy to decide alone.

With a spa holiday in an all-inclusive hotel you can forget all worries. A wellness package will spoil you with a revitalizing breakfast, refreshing drinks and a variety of beauty and wellness treatments. So you can turn off your head and concentrate on your recovery.


You cannot always afford to travel, sometimes you have no time or maybe even no desire. But that does not mean that you cannot spend a nice holiday at home.

With some tricks you can turn your bathroom into a small wellness retreat where you can relax completely. Dim the lights, light a few candles, quietly play relaxing music, take a dip and add a few drops of aromatic oil (the expert recommends five to eight drops) into the hot water. Warm water helps against tension and promotes blood circulation and heat stimulates the part of the autonomic nervous system that is responsible for the recovery of the organism. Essential oils harmonize, provide a sensual mood and help with sleep problems. But they can also be vitalizing and increase the ability to concentrate.

Turn your living room into a wellness oasis and enjoy a massage. For domestic use are best suited massagers, with which one you can perform a self-massage. You can relax at home, relieve stress and give yourself a physical boost before you return to work.

Leave everyday life behind and work towards a deep relaxation.

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