Donnerberg Advent Calendar: Save between 5% and 15%

Donnerberg Advent Calendar

Save between 5% and 15% on all massagers and vibration plates.
We wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and relaxing Christmas!
Donnerberg Team

Donnerberg Advent Calendar: Save between 5% and 15%

Donnerberg Advent Calendar

Save between 5% and 15% on all massagers and vibration plates.
We wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and relaxing Christmas!
Donnerberg Team

Vibration plate Multiplate® 3d – Vibration plate exercise

You often see vibration plate in gyms, wellness and rehabilitation centers and more often in the living room. Their appearance is a veritable refreshment in the fitness industry. Many sports and wellness enthusiasts of all genders and age groups have found it fun to be shaken up properly. The reason: the vibration training achieves maximum training success with minimal effort and time.

The vibration plate Multiplate® 3D works with three movement possibilities (from right to left, oscillating-seesaw and both in combination – right-left and seesaw).The muscles are trained intensively, without any special body movement. Certain exercises and movements allow you to treat different parts of the body. During the training process, your muscles are working under vibration, which causes the muscle to build up.

The two 500-watt motors (AC motors) are the core of the Multiplate® 3D providing the strength and quality of vibration to deliver the best results. They bring better performance and are extremely quiet, virtually noiseless. This is especially important if you want to use the plate at unusual times of day or night.

Vibration training – effect on the muscles and bones

The outgoing vibrations of the Multiplate® evoke stretching reflexes in the muscles, which ensure that movements are compensated. The vibration process triggers a reflex counteracting of the musculature, whereby the muscles unconsciously and constantly contract and relax. In this way faster and more effective training results are guaranteed with Multiplate® 3D. Energetic muscle work increases energy release, which boosts fat burning and calorie loss. In addition, the vibrating plate enhances your blood circulation, coordination and flexibility. Another bonus of the vibration effect during vibration training – is the prevention and loss of cellulite. 10 minutes of training a day on the vibrating plate could greatly benefit your body.

Regular training of the deep-set back muscles thus contributes to a better posture and prevents back pain. In addition to the effects on the musculature, an effect on the bones has to be proven. Osteoporosis has become a common disease – with an upward trend. It has long been known that the quality and quantity of the bone structure depends on the pressure and tensile forces of the bone surrounding musculature. The bone density is increased by the vibration training.
Why the vertical vibration system is not integrated in Multiplate® 3D?

In the vertically vibrating system, the vibration plate moves up and down. The body tries to correct the vertical-level balance disorder using the muscles. In the first-place muscle power is promoted and the muscles are trained. That’s why you can find them in many gyms. The endeavor of the body in every vibration training is to maintain the head balance and this is exactly where the disadvantage of the vertical system lies – exercises are not carried out correctly, the head and spine are heavily loaded by the vibrations.

Only part of the forces generated by vertical vibration can be absorbed by the upper ankle, knee and hip. Forces that are not dampened up to this point, continue to enter the spine, from where they act in on the head. That can lead to unpleasant irritations. Many manufacturers of such vibrating plates advertise at high frequencies over 30 Hz and more, although the muscle fibers can no longer react at this speed. The muscles stretch uncontrollably and positive coordinative effects are prevented. Also, the back muscles are not trained significantly, as in contrast to the see saw system (see below) the tipping effect on the pelvis is missing.

Vibration systems of the vibrating plate Multiplate® 3D

The see saw (side alternating vibration)

In the so-called see saw system, as the name implies, a bobbing motion is generated. This vibration is characterized by the fact that it adapts to the movements of the user. The results of the training can therefore be achieved particularly quickly. The natural stimulation of the seesaw system brings together a variety of muscles to compensate for the forced movement.

Even at low frequencies up to 15 Hz, the side-alternating stimulation trains more muscle groups. In fall-prone patients, e.g. Whole-body vibration therapy based on the see saw principle can support physiotherapy. Depending on the response of the body, the amplitude is gradually increased. As a measure of the dosage of the vibration serve the forces acting on the head. The smaller they are, the better. The exerciser should be able to see clearly and speak during training.

The horizontal vibration (from left to right)

The horizontally oscillating system with its low frequencies has a circulation-promoting effect. This, in turn, improves fluid drainage while providing a massage effect and deep relaxation. Tension, which is often caused by stress, can be relaxed. Above all, it promotes mobility in fall-prone patients. In addition, only in the seesaw and horizontal system (see below) does an equilibrium reaction of the body occur. The amplitude is decisive for the dosage of the vibration.

Simple exercises promote blood circulation in the joints and gradually strengthen the joint muscles. For people with mobility impairments who want to maintain their sense of balance and flexibility, training with horizontal vibrations is also suitable. Posture is improved by stimulating the muscles that support the joints. In the end, the risk of injury from falls can be reduced. Especially patients with poor coordination, poor muscle performance, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and poor endurance can benefit from the see saw system.

3D vibration – a combination of side-alternating vibration and horizontal vibration

In this mode the Multiplate® 3D vibrates on both systems, side up and down left and right. As a result, virtually all muscle groups in the body are activated and intensively trained. The effectiveness in building muscle and improving the whole-body condition is significantly higher than with only one vibration. Targeted fitness training in this vibration mode can consume up to 100 calories in five to ten minutes. The calorie consumption additionally depends on the speed level and the duration of the workout.

General exercise sequences cause as in the horizontal and See saw system, among other things, the increase in muscle strength and bone density, pain relief and prevention, muscle relaxation, stimulation of the nerves, and increasing the mobility of the body, just a little more intense. During training, coordinative abilities in the context of a therapy, e.g. to be trained after an accident. 3D vibrations with high frequencies are excluded because tendons and ligaments are more heavily loaded during horizontal movement.

The biggest advantage of the Multiplate® 3D is the possibility to choose between 4 different training programs – three pre-set, one automatic and one manual. In manual mode, you can switch between the three different vibration systems, as well as change the time and intensity of the workout as desired. Thus, you can make the training routine a varied workout. If you want to improve your balance and strength, choose the right-to-left movement. And if you are finally tired of doing the same exercises, you can challenge yourself by choosing 3D mode. This makes the Multiplate® 3D a perfect device for every age group. The vibrating plate Multiplate® 3D guarantees effective training.

For more motivation, you can make use of the built-in Bluetooth speaker. You can pair it with your smartphone and listen to your favorite music during the workout.

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