The muscle massager Sport Gun – Percussion massage- muscle pain relief

With the new SportGun muscle massager, Donnerberg is in the process of conquering the European market. Find out what this massager is all about and how it can help relieve your muscle aches.

What is special about SportGun muscle massager?

The muscle massager SportGun is a new way to loosen and relax the fascia. By fast, beating movements of a beating up and down, the desired areas of the body are massaged with short and sudden impulses. The sensory cells of the skin are thereby addressed, which ensure by the stimulus that muscles are relaxed and tensions reduced.

By treating the affected body parts with focused and high-frequency pressure pulses, the regeneration of the muscles is accelerated and improved. The circulation of various critical areas can be stimulated and thereby pain relief can occur. In addition, a gentle stretch is triggered, which in turn improves flexibility, performance and body reaction.

The outstanding feature of the new percussion massager SportGun is, in addition to its great user-friendliness and modern design, its strong performance. At the highest speed level, it enables a treatment of 3500 strokes per minute. The resulting 10 mm amplitude is ideal for percussion massages of the deep tissue.

The percussion massage energetically treats deep-lying muscle tissue, promotes blood circulation and oxygenation to various parts of the body, especially at the point in question. Muscle pain and cramps occurring after a workout are thereby alleviated and the self-healing powers of the body promoted.

Specifically, SportGun allows users to treat painful areas directly. Particularly helpful is the massager for complaints such as muscle soreness, fatigue, stiffening and so on. It can both shorten recovery times and contribute to faster healing after muscle injuries. In professional sports, it can complement physiotherapists and sports masseurs to prepare athletes for their training and to accelerate their recovery.

How to use SportGun correctly

There are a few things to keep in mind: Massage the areas to be loosened in the same place for a maximum of 1 minute to avoid over-stimulation or inflammation. Move the massager up and down the muscle in the direction of muscle movement, or circulate around the relaxing part of the body. Do not aim the device directly at the point of pain. The massage is carried out on the following parts of the body: the legs, the buttock muscles, arms, chest, shoulder and back muscles. The package includes six different attachments. For selective massage, the narrow attachments are recommended.

The SportGun massager model number SG-011 works wirelessly and is powered by a powerful Samsung battery. When it is fully charged, the battery life lasts about 5 hours, depending on the vibration frequency.

Who is the SportGun massager suitable for?


• Before exercise, SportGun helps you warm up and activate your muscles.

• During exercise it keeps the muscles active and improves performance.

• After training, SportGun can counteract the buildup of lactic acid.

For people who suffer from chronic pain and dysfunction in the shoulder area or a tennis elbow, the percussion massage can help in improving and recovering your muscle fibers. Even for those who just want to relax or relieve sore muscles, the massager is an ideal companion.

SportGun is a perfect device for athletes, people who suffer from muscle aches, or for those who just want to relax in their own home.

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