NECK MASSAGER NM089 – ETM Testmagazine March 2018, test score “EXCELLENT”

Test results  “EXCELLENT”

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Testmagazine tested our neck massager NM089 in March 2018

We are proud to achieve great result. Test result is “EXCELLENT

Testmagazin had only words of praise for the quality and design of our original neck massager

“The Donnerberg massager has been made flawlessly.”

The focus of the test was to evaluate the range of functions, functionality and handling of the massager.

“The great advantage of massager lies in its versatility; you can take massager anywhere and use it at any place. Thanks to its compact dimensions, individually adjustable intensity and heating functions, the Donnerberg neck and shoulder massager NM-089 provides the opportunity to relax the tense muscles of the neck and / or back muscles within minutes.  Movements performed by the massage heads are based on the principle of Japanese Shiatsu massage. This model of massager, with eight massage heads, infrared heating function and vibration function, primarily serves to relax tense muscles in the neck and upper part of the shoulder. In addition, other parts of the body can be massaged, for example, the lower part of the back, legs or feet. Responsible for a better sense of relaxation is infrared heating function that can be used independently without massage.  ETM Testmagazin tested the Donnerberg NM-089 neck and shoulder massager with a closer look at the range of functions and functionality, handling on the device’s inclusion and operation, as well as the noise volume. “

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