Tapping massage

Early beginnings of massage are rooted in ancient cultures and customs. Massage commenced as a technique of natural body and soul healing, and has developed since then. Today, massage is utilized as a holistic healing method and has become part of people’s daily routine. Over time, massage techniques have evolved and fortunately for us, massage lovers, we have opportunity to enjoy different massage types and techniques. Different body types require diverse massage techniques. However, the general purpose of a massage is stress, pain, and muscle tension relief. Among numerous massage techniques, we will discuss TAPPING MASSAGE today. 


Utilized during Swedish massages, Tapotement is a massage technique which includes five different massage types – tapping is one of the five. Tapping includes soft, rhythmical fingertip tapping. In contrast to other massage types that are useful for muscle relaxation, tapping may be utilized for the purpose of triggering the nerves in order to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system.
Other four types of tapotement are Cupping (massage with hands shaped as cups), Hacking (massage is applied with bottom of hand palms), Beating (the masseuse lightly taps client’s body with fists), and Plucking (this type includes rhythmical thumb and fingers pulling across the treated body area).


Typically, tapping massage is utilized for a full body massage, and the benefits are numerous. Masseuse utilizes tapping to relax muscles in order to release additional tension, which decreases the possibility of muscle cramps and stiffness. Tapping focuses on smaller body areas. In this manner, the masseuse can focus on the technique of tapping itself. Tapping is specifically beneficial for professional and amateur athletes. Due to continuous effort, athletes are constantly exposed to possible injuries. Tapping serves as an injury prevention.
Another benefit of tapping is rapid blood circulation improvement. Blood transmits oxygen and nutritious matter to all parts of organism. Issues with circulation may lead to health issues that one may not immediately connect to bloodstream complications. Thus, tapping is beneficial to enhance blood circulation through careful massage of each body part, which prevents possible health issues that may occur.
Furthermore, this massage type strengthens immune system. Tapping promotes cell rejuvenation and prevents stress accumulation in muscles. Experiencing stress relief through tapping leads to better cell health, which ultimately decreases occurrence of possible illnesses due to weak immune system!
Additionally, mental and psychophysical strength are connected to stress relief. Human body experiences daily stressors as accumulated stress. Tapping stimulates nerve endings, which helps one’s body to alleviate stress. Extensive research suggests convincing evidence that massage is one of the best manners to recover and heal human body.


Massage incorporates various health benefits. Although beneficial, tapping should not be over-utilized. One should understand that listening to your own body is significant – when feeling fatigue, tension, pain and lack of concentration, one should think about visiting a masseuse. Alternatively, getting a self-massage using 2-in-1 Shiatsu and Tapping Massager Klopfy can help you knead out knots, relieve stress and soothe tired muscles.  Again, important to remember, do not over exceed your body’s limits.
A masseuse or a physiotherapist should avoid massaging certain parts of body, such as bones, back area around kidneys, and muscles that are sore or too tense.
Have you heard about tapping before? Have you had a chance to try it? If yes, let us know in the comments section what are the pros and cons of tapping massage!

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