Smart apps and gadgets that can help you live a healthier life

We live in the 21st century, time of modern technology, smartphones and various applications that make our life easier in the sense that we all get what we want without the need to move from comfort of our own sofa. In recent years, due to the availability of such applications, we have become lazy. Our health is not particularly important to us, and we are not taking care of ourselves. But we do not want to be like that, do we? We want to live in a modern world, but by making the right use of all the benefits that new technology brings us. Believe it or not, there are applications that not only serve quick food delivery, call taxi, buy makeup, etc., but also help you reverse your lifestyle in a healthier, more productive and active way. Even if you are not a fan of new technologies we are sure that you have in your possession smart phone, because who does not have one?  Would you like to drink more fluids, eat healthier, sleep better, be more active and to take care of you every day and support you all the way to achieve your goal? Then go to your AppStore and start downloading smart apps


  1. 1. STEP COUNTER – or pedometer. There are many similar applications. Step Tracker, Stepz, Runkeeper, GoogleFit, Fitbit .., you just need to explore and find the one that suits you most. Step counter primarily serves to count your steps during the day, it measures them when you go on a run or you’re exercising. It can also be set to measure the number of circles while riding a bike, but that depends on which app you decide to download as some of them have this feature. You can even track the work and activity of your heart, the number of heart beats per minute, measure pulse, etc. With the help of this app you can set goals for yourself, and the moment you reach your goal, the app will congratulate you. Once you reach the set goal, you can go to the next level. There is possibility to connect online with people of similar interest, follow them and this way it can become one fun competition

  1. 2. WATER REMINDER – as the word itself says, this application serves to remind you to drink a glass of water. Great, isn’t it? How many times have you told yourself, I am going to drink more fluids today? And then you have a project that urgently needs to be handed over to the boss, your colleagues call for consultation, after work you need to do your daily duties, and … again nothing. We all know how important the intake of fluids is, but because of the fast way of life and too many daily tasks, we simply forget to drink a glass of water. Recommended daily dose is to drink at least 8 glasses a day to maintain a healthy balance in the body (which is made up mostly of water). Scientists say that people often drink water when they feel thirsty, and this is already an alarming situation because the balance of water in the organism is disturbed. Some of the app we recommend to download are: Daily Water, Waterlogged, Aquaalert, Waterbalance ..) and you can start drinking regularly water, track how much you’ve been drinking each day, after a short time you will definitely see changes on  your skin and your body will be grateful to you.


  1. 3. SMART PLATE ( by Fitly ) –  this application is phenomenal and revolutionary, but unfortunately it has one drawback. It’s only available for IOS phones, not for Android. So if you are the proud owner of an Iphone, this app will be great fun for you. What’s so good about this app? This is the first platform of a nutritional type, with just one image of food on a plate this app will count your calories. It’s very simple, take a photo of the food you  order at the restaurant or prepare yourself at home, and get a detailed report on it, starting with the type of food, the number of calories, the size of the portion. This application is recognizing more than 1500 food types based on the image , identifying multiple types of food at once, can scan more than 600,000 foods with a barcode, allows you to set your goals if you want to lose weight and analyse and track them, and much more ..

  1. 4. WORKOUT TRACKER – there are many applications, which help you stay consistent in your fitness program but it’s not easy to find a good one. Once you find the one that is right, you will not be able to stop using it. It will be your personal trainer that can be with you all the time. This type of app is for you whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete. With the help of a workout tracker you will be able to choose type of exercises you want to do, weight lifting, bodybuilding, classical exercises, cardio exercises or CrossFit .You can easily keep track of your progress, and each of these apps has a certain number of people using it, relatively large community, so you can always look at how others are performing to give you an incentive. You can search for and share some training tips and exercises or how to relax after a training perhaps meet a new friend?  These are just some examples that the Internet community claims to be excellent, so try and let us know how satisfied you are: Gym Workout Tracker & Trainer for weight lifting; Strong; Fitbod; Workit; Fitlist …


  1. 5. MEDITATION STUDIO – this app was recommended by Apple, the magazine Forbes and TIME in 2016. Available for iOS and Android platforms, and equally praised by both users. It has been proven that meditation helps people reduce stress, anxiety, improve sleep and generally better deal with everyday challenges on a private and business plan. With the help of this application, meditation became easy for everyone and is widely available. It does not matter if you are first meditating or already practicing, the application is designed to be suitable for everyone. You can find the classes of 18 different tutors of yoga and meditation whose tutorials are designed to help you deal with all life challenges. You can schedule sessions, track your progress, keep your diary, and choose relaxing music for each session. This app is not free, and the price depends on whether you have opted for a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription.

  1. 6. SLEEP TRACKER – healthy sleep is very important for everyone’s health, both psychologically and physically. Apps that help track your sleep can help you by following the time you lie in bed and when you awake (which should be the same every day), track how many times you wake up during the night, when you are in the REM phase of sleep, how many times have you turned in bed and the moment when you are not in deep sleep. With this app you will better understand your sleep pattern, and when you understand it better, you will be able to change your habits more easily to improve the quality of your sleep. Simply downloading one of these apps to your smartphone (Pillow, Sleep Genius, Sleep as Android, Sleep Better – Sleep Tracker ..), start the app when you go to sleep, put your phone next to the bed, and in the morning you will find your first results.


Do you know any of these applications and do you use them? Are you a tech addict, or do you still think that without new technologies you can achieve good results in the quality of your life? If you know other application that can improve your life do not hesitate to share it with us in a comment

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