Massager with Jade – Basic Jade J NM-089
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Massager with Jade – Basic Jade J NM-089

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MULTIFUNCTIONAL  – 8 deep-kneading massage nodes are designed to combat acute and chronic pain, reduce soreness and speed up muscle recovery. With 3 adjustable speed levels you can create a massage that is ‘just right’ for you.

PROPER FIT  Our massager has a U-shaped ergonomic design so it can be easily applied to different body parts such as your neck, shoulders, back, stomach, thighs, hands and feet.

HEAT THERAPY – Donnerberg massager with heat incorporates infrared heat function to deliver a soothing deep tissue Shiatsu self-massage for additional comfort.

EASY TO USE AND PRACTICAL – Enjoy a soothing massage at home, office, in the car, when travelling, in a gym.

GERMAN BRAND – Donnerberg massager with heat is manufactured according to the highest German quality standards. It is tested for electromagnetic safety by TÜV (Certificate No. Z2 091698 0029 Rev.00) and the materials, certified by RoHS, do not contain hazardous substances.

3 YEARS WARRANTY – 3 years without any worries. In case of a damage, your massager will be repaired or replaced. Our Customer service will be happy to assist you.

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Do you frequently suffer from muscle pain and stiffness? Does nagging neck and shoulder pain prevent you from carrying on with your normal daily activities? Instead of reaching out for a pain killer to relieve muscle soreness why wouldn’t you consider getting a massage. Massage has proven to be an effective way to ease pain and treat achy muscles. It is a non-invasive and easily accessible method for relieving stress and physical and mental discomfort. The short term benefits of using a massager with jade include muscle tension relief, ease of pain and increased flexibility of multiple muscle group while in the long run it can also promote overall wellbeing.

Donnerberg heated massager combines traditional shiatsu massage with modern technology. 8 specially designed massage nodes will gently glide over the tight areas and help you immerse yourself in complete relaxation. To get the best possible massage experience place the massager on the desired areas or parts of the body and adjust the intensity of the massage by pulling harder or softer on the loops. Add the element of warmth to further contribute to the “real” feel of the experience and comfort your achy muscles. Heat does not act only as a pain reliever. It can boost the blood flow, loosen up joints and improve range of motion.

Heated massager – Natural pain relief! The special feature of our Donnerberg heated massager is that the massage heads are coated in jade. Jade is a precious stone known for its healing properties. In ancient civilizations it is believed to improve detoxification as well as mental and physical healing. Jade is a phenomenal conductor of infrared heat and allows the heat to penetrate deeper into your muscles, 2-3 inches beneath the skin. As a result, this might lead to complete muscle relaxation and produce vitality, naturally remove toxins and reduce inflammation.

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7 reviews for Massager with Jade – Basic Jade J NM-089

  1. Alexis

    The Donnerberg device is a German massager with a TUV certification, that is why I choose it. Once you’ve chosen the best sitting or lying position, it’s soothing and relaxing and actually very similar to getting a real massage. Those who spend a lot of time in front of computers should consider buying it.

  2. Karen

    I find the massage very pleasant, love the heat function. I mostly use it on the neck area to treat tension headaches, gives me such a relief. Good value for money.

  3. Marylin C.

    I bought it for my mum, she tried ours and loved it. Easy to operate and does a great job with relieving tight neck and shoulder muscles.

  4. M.A.

    For quite some time I’ve been looking for the right massager to help me with my constant neck pain and tension – and can say I finally found it. The massage is effective yet the massage balls do not hurt. It can be used on most body regions, especially the back, shoulders, legs. Great device

  5. Peter

    I chose this massager because it is a device of a German brand and it holds a TÜV SÜD certificate. It offers a relaxing massage and I use at least once a day. It’s the best device I’ve found for neck massage so far! Fully recommended

  6. Elliot

    I use this device mainly to relieve stiffness in the neck, but it can be well used to treat other body parts, especially the back. It’s not very noisy. The 3 speed modes and 2 massage directions promote a deep massage, the heating function is pleasant. Happy to say that it completely suits my needs.

  7. Linda

    The item is quite well manufactured and works exactly as mentioned. I suffer from moderate to intense
    pain, and it really helped a lot. Great investment!

TUV certificate – meets German quality standards and is continuously checked by TÜV SÜD, Certificate No. Z2 091698 0029 Rev.00

Contents included:

  • 1x Massager
  • 1x Power adapter + UK plug
  • 1x Car charger
  • 1x Soft cloth cover for sensitive skin
  • 1x Protective custody – environmentally friendly
  • 1x User manual (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish)

Technical details:

  • Dimension: 50 x 43 x 17.6
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Weight: 1.68 kg
  • Colour: black
  • Power : 24W
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz


The company Donnerberg, Mr. Svetozar Grbic, Max Planck Strasse 10, 85716 Unterschleissheim, grants a valid manufacturer’s warranty for the territory of the European Union and the civil-law defect liability. The warranty starts from the time that the device was delivered to the customer. It is not extended by a previous warranty case. The warranty is granted only to the buyer and is not transferable to third parties.
In addition to the statutory liability for defects, we also repair or replace equipment whose defects are not initial defects unless they are caused by improper use or are insignificant. The choice between replacement and repair is ours. The cost of the return shipping for certain products is covered by Donnerberg. The warranty is only granted if the defect is notified immediately upon its occurrence and is reported. You must include the claim form and the copy of your purchase receipt as the proof of warranty. Please note that we will not process warranty claims without this claim form.

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