Back massager – Krafty RM-099
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Back massager – Krafty RM-099

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✔ GERMAN QUALITY– Produced to the highest German quality standards and tested by TUV (Certificate No. Z2 091698 0009) this back massager can be applied to your neck, back, calves, legs and feet prone to muscle tension and aches

✔ INFRARED HEAT– This back and foot massager features infrared heat function. The heat penetrates the muscles, increasing blood circulation helping tight muscles to relax and melt away the pain

✔ TAPPING AND SHIATSU–  Unique on the market – choose between 2 massage options: shiatsu massage or a combination of shiatsu and tapping massage

ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY– Each massager setting is independent, 3 different speeds, infrared heat, shiatsu and tapping massage so you can tailor the intensity of massage to your  needs

✔ PORTABLE– The handle makes this back massager portable so you can use it in the office, car or anywhere you need a massage.

✔ 3 YEAR WARRANTY – 3 years without any worries. In case of a damage, your massager will be repaired or replaced. Our Customer service will be happy to assist you.

CONTENTS INCLUDEDThe package includes the massager, a power adapter, a car adapter, a protective bag made of environmentally friendly material, a user manual

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2 intensity levels of infrared heat Small and handy Tapping massage 3 year warranty

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What makes Donnerberg back massager so unique?

  • 2 effective massage techniques in one device (shiatsu + percussion)
  • 10 massage heads for perfect simulation of real hand massage
  • 2 intensity levels of infrared heat for added comfort
  • TUV Certificate for electrical safety
  • Manufactured according to highest German quality standards
  • 3 Year Warranty

BACK MASSAGER – Knead away tension and back pain

Lower back pain is a common problem that can interfere with a person’s work and personal life. Fortunately, having an electric back massager at home, office or car will help you relieve back pain. Not only will it help you relieve pain but you will also be able to enjoy a relaxing deep tissue massage whenever your body needs it.

This portable back massager includes 10 massage nodes. Eight massage nodes will provide you with a rejuvenating shiatsu massage. Moreover, the remaining two will intensify the massage with tapping massage function. When you switch on the massager, shiatsu massage function will start on by default. Tapping massage function will follow after one minute. Massage functions can be changed at any time. This allows you to enjoy lower back massage customized to your own needs.

Why is shiatsu back massager beneficial?

Regular lumbar massages are very beneficial when it comes to reducing backache. With massage you will firstly increase blood flow to the painful areas with shiatsu back massager. Secondly, you will bring oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Moreover, in this way you will also speed up the recovery process that your muscles need and movement to the spine will automatically increase.

However,  if you need  a deep kneading massage you may add a heating function to give your tense muscles relaxation they need. Infrared heat can be used independently from the massage functions. You can choose between low or high intensity infrared heat. This option,  gives you an opportunity to fully customize the massage according to your own needs. Adding  a customized heating option, we believe that we have produced the best massager for knots and tension to be relieved.

This compact back massager will not only fit perfectly behind your back and neck but under your legs and feet too. Foot massage might boost circulation, relieve discomfort from sore feet, reduce joint pain and inflammation.

Feel comfortable and pain free while working from the office or home with mighty Donnerberg back massager!


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22 reviews for Back massager – Krafty RM-099

  1. Caroline

    I am absolutely in love with this back massage pillow! The 2 levels of heat are perfect for those extra cold days, and the massage function is incredibly soothing. I would definitely recommend this massage pillow to anyone who wants a high-quality, affordable massage experience.

  2. Ruth

    This back massager works great for me, so it’s definitely a keeper. In contrast to some other devices, I think the shape is excellent!The additional feature—the tapping massage—made all the difference for me. It’s simple to use.
    I find it to be really fantastic to alternate 1-minute Shiatsu and 1-minute Tapping massages, which are both incredibly powerful and enjoyable.

  3. Elliot

    Whether I use it on my back or any other part of the body, it is real pain-reliever. The heat function is very good – so nice and warm, what a huge plus! 3 speeds allow me to adjust the intensity and make the massage more powerful. Highly recommended

  4. J.R.

    Speaking from my personal experience, this device is very beneficial if you suffer from back tension and stiffness. I love it, it’s been a lifesaver! Discovered it is great for foot, how very convenient

  5. Michael

    This is the second massager I purchased from Donnerberg! I do strenuous exercises and this device works great on my calves and thighs…percussion massage can be quite intense, which is exactly what I need.

  6. Louise

    I can move it around different parts of my back and treat every sore muscle. The shiatsu function is very good and the tapping helps relax muscles even more. Very happy with this product

  7. G.D.

    I have to say that I was amazed at how powerful, effective and easy to use this device is. It does exactly what it says. I’m quite happy with the 15-minute treatment, makes me feel relaxed and relieves the pain and discomfort in my back.

  8. Chris

    A very good quality device, made for an intensive massage. I’ve used it on my legs and feet after a workout! Quite satisfied

  9. Adrienne

    I’ve used it for more than 4 months and find it very helpful for back massage, very pleasant, loosening and relaxing. It’s very handy, you don’t have to hold the device. Quite satisfactory

  10. Anna

    I use it mostly on my legs and feet after an intense workout. May I say I’m so satisfied with it. It wonderfully loosens up my cramped muscles. A great quality product!

  11. M. Thomas

    I’ve been suffering from recurring backache which was getting even worse in the past few months. I ordered this product to see if it would do me any good and I was pleasantly surprised that it actually works! I use it without the heating option and no longer than 15 minutes. I even cut down on the use of strong painkillers which I needed to make it through the day! Highly recommended

  12. Shazna

    Really helps relieve tension in neck and back. Would recommend.

  13. Markez

    This massage pillow is brilliant! I suffer from a lot of back pain and I have bought similar items before but none have been as effective as this item and have not lasted very long.

  14. Taylor

    What a pleasure to use this back massager! The post-massage effects are noticeable, as my painful back has gotten so so so much better!

  15. Bianca

    This back massager gives deep massage and the warmth is pretty nice too. For the price of 2-3 massages I get home massage every day!

  16. Sierra

    Convenient for a quick massage whilst sitting at the office desk. Massage with this back massager has become a daily activity.

  17. willow m.

    I love that it is small and easily to carry around. What’s even better is that even only 15 minutes a day of the massage makes a huge difference and makes me feel so much better.

  18. Sloane

    A very effective massage unit- Absolutely the best thing I’ve bought this year!

  19. Maeva

    This wonderful device has become my most reliable defense against back aches and pain! I turn it on, sit on my chair, adjust the massager, lean back, and enjoy the great massage! Simple as that, but extremely effective for pain relief.

  20. Lotte

    Adapts to my back and spine position very well whilst sitting. I can lean back and put more pressure for a more intense massage, or I can decrease the pressure for a mild back massage. Some days my back feels extremely stiff, so I am glad that I have the option to add extra pressure and really allow massage heads to relax my muscles.

  21. Oswald Brooks

    I have the Premium back and neck massager. I purchased it in 2017 and I am still really happy with its performance. My mother has tried it a couple of times. She said she would prefer a massager where she doesn’t have to use the arm straps to control the massage (although I love this feature because I can target painful points and can control the massage intensity). Consequently, when I saw this new massager, I knew it was perfect for my mother! And I was right- she absolutely loves it!

  22. Via

    It is easy to carry this massager around. I also find the gap between the massage nodes particularly suited to my back in comparison with other massagers of this type, which affect less my back muscles and give me efficient massage.

Contents included:

1x Massager
1x Power adapter
1x Car adapter
1x Protective bag made of environmentally friendly material
1x User manual

Technical details:

Dimensions: 32 x 33 x 12.7 cm
Weight: 2.08 kg
Color : gray
Material: 65% rayon, 35% polyester
Power: 36W
Frequency: 50/60 Hz



The company Donnerberg, Mr. Svetozar Grbic, Max Planck Strasse 10, 85716 Unterschleissheim, grants a valid manufacturer’s warranty for the territory of the European Union and the civil-law defect liability. The warranty starts from the time that the device was delivered to the customer. It is not extended by a previous warranty case. The warranty is granted only to the buyer and is not transferable to third parties.
In addition to the statutory liability for defects, we also repair or replace equipment whose defects are not initial defects unless they are caused by improper use or are insignificant. The choice between replacement and repair is ours. The cost of the return shipping for certain products is covered by Donnerberg. The warranty is only granted if the defect is notified immediately upon its occurrence and is reported. You must include the claim form and the copy of your purchase receipt as the proof of warranty. Please note that we will not process warranty claims without this claim form.

Company Donnerberg

Max Planck Strasse 10,

85716 Unterschleissheim,


or telephone: +49 89 922 893 55

For any further questions, please contact us at:

How to give a back massage?

It is quite easy to give yourself a good back massage using Donnerberg massager Krafty. We always suggest you find a comfortable sitting position and carefully tuck the massager behind your lower back. If you are new to massage, it might take some time for your body to get used to the device. Therefore, you should apply gentle pressure onto the massager and start with the lowest speed. If needed, gradually increase the intensity of the massage by gradually shifting your weight onto the device. Back massager Krafty is primarily designed to treat your upper/lower back muscles. However, it can also be used on other body parts, especially legs and feet.

How long should a back massage last?

Although massages at wellness centres generally last from 30 to 60 minutes, when using a home massager we suggest you use it for no more than 15 minutes per each muscle group, especially if the muscles are very sore and oversensitive to touch. Donnerberg massagers have an integrated timer, they automatically turn off once the 15-minute massage cycle has elapsed. This does not mean you cannot use them for a longer period of time, but you should simply check how your muscles react to it. You definitely do not want to overwork them since the effects can even be counterproductive. The massage should always feel pleasant and if you notice that it becomes unpleasant or even painful, you should stop using the device.

Can I use a back massager while pregnant?

We recommend you avoid using the back massager while pregnant or consult your doctor before deciding to use it, especially during the first trimester.

TÜV- (Technical Inspection Association) product was tested for electrical safety, hazardous material components, and unwanted noise production. Certificate No. Z2 091698 0009 Rev. 02

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