Handheld deep tissue massager- SportGun SG-012
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Handheld deep tissue massager- SportGun SG-012

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PERCUSSION MASSAGER is a handheld device that applies pulses of concentrated pressure deep into your muscle tissue. This form of deep-tissue massage can work knots and tension out of the muscles while improving blood flow and quickly enhancing range of motion.

THE SPORTGUN -is meticulously designed and engineered to deliver the optimum massage experience .When used properly, a percussion massager can shorten your recovery time while relieving some of the pain, tension and soreness that comes naturally from intense workouts.

5 LEVELS OF INTENSITY + 6 MASSAGE HEADS -With 6 included exchangeable heads as well as 5 speed settings, you can always target different muscle groups and get to those hard-to-reach places. The personalized and adjustable speed settings make the massager easy and comfortable to use; adjust the frequencies according to the purpose, for warming up, soreness relief, injured muscles, muscle pain and activation, tightness relief; increase to higher speeds for larger and stronger muscle groups

✔ BENEFITS–  massage guns are designed to treat sore lactic acid filled muscles and release tight joints. The deep muscle stimulation therapy may deliver all of the following benefits: release lactic acid, accelerate muscle recovery, improve muscle responsiveness, stimulate muscle growth, improve blood circulation ,reduce cellulite due to improved blood circulation, enhance range of motion, relieve stress and tension in your body, myofascial connective tissue release


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Handheld deep tissue massager

Benefits of the gun massager -SportGun SG-012:

Multi-functional massage device – equipped with 6 interchangeable attachments for a selective full body massage.
Optimal deep tissue massage – 10 mm amplitude and 5  speeds.
Power motor – enables up to 3500 strokes per minute.
Stability – Donnerberg handheld deep tissue massager is light and sits firmly in the hand during use.
Patented and certified – registered with the German Patent Office and continuously tested by TÜV Süd for electromagnetic compatibility
Relieves pain and sore muscles
Stimulates the muscle tissue
For more flexibility of the tendons and muscles
Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
Note: The 10 mm amplitude is ideal for massages of the deep tissue and can help to reduce muscle fatigue, sore muscles, cramping and hardening.


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7 reviews for Handheld deep tissue massager- SportGun SG-012

  1. David

    I’m dealing with arthritis, chronic pain and tense muscles and I’ve noticed improvements only with regular physical therapy. Until I found out about this product. It is excellent for reaching all areas of the body. It really helps me to relieve soreness and improve circulation even if I use it for about 30 minutes most days. My wife loves it too!

  2. Nichole

    I got this massage gun a week ago, I’m really thrilled. I have been using it every night ever since I bought it. It has helped me with my sciatica by applying gentle pressure deep into my tissue. Highly recommended

  3. Michelle

    Great gun to use on those tired muscles and to blast away aches and pains

  4. Helen

    Amazing for post workout or in-between massage sessions

  5. Callum

    After 2 weeks of use, excellent. Sore muscles are relieved.

  6. Gregori

    Excellent for deep tissue massage. Also used for restless legs and does a great job

  7. Sandrine

    Partner has had chronic neck and back pain for years. Bought this as part of a Christmas present and has helped ease the pain. Will 100% recommend

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