Shiatsu back massager Krafty- tapping and shiatsu massage with infrared heat

Shiatsu back massager Krafty- tapping and shiatsu massage with infrared heat – an ideal massager to provide you with soothing and relaxing full body massage anytime and anywhere. Krafty is designed to help you release tension through infrared heat and massage movements that mimic a real hand massage.The daily use of the shiatsu back massager may relieve your back pain and help you get rid of accumulated stress.

8 shiatsu and 2 tapping massage nodes ensure an effective massage. Furthermore, the combination of tapping and shiatsu massage ensures a perfect massage experience. Moreover, the effect of infrared heat enhances quicker muscle relaxation and increases overall well-being. As a result, you can feel a relaxing effect of the deep infrared heat already after the first use.

Why tapping and shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu massage does not only have a positive effect on the body through gentle touch and light pressure, but it can also relieve mental tension and stimulate the energy flow throughout your body. On the other hand, the pleasant and penetrating tapping massage relaxes your muscles. By “tapping” certain points on the body, energy blockages can be loosened up, which ultimately leads to stress relief. After tapping and shiatsu massage, you will feel relaxed and refreshed.

Back massager allows you to enjoy massage and you can do it all by yourself, at home or while travelling. Choose the body area you wish to massage, and add optional infrared heat function if you wish. You can also choose the intensity of the massage. Tapping and shiatsu back massager is suitable for full body massage– ideal for the neck, back, legs, belly, feet and arms.

Enjoy massages with Krafty at home

Massages relieve discomfort and also provide you with relaxing and enjoyable experience. Shiatsu back massager Krafty with infrared heat includes many advantages and is a helpful supplement to your everyday relaxation. With Donnerberg back massager you can enjoy massages at home or on the go, which will be beneficial for your physical and emotional health.

The pressure of the massage is determined by your own body weight. The more you lean your body against the massager, the more intense the massage becomes. In addition to the neck and back, this massager can be used to massage other body parts, such as arms and legs. On top of that, our back massager is practical and portable. Thus, besides using it only at home, you can also take it to your office.

Shiatsu back massager benefits

Back massager with infrared heat function has rotating massage nodes, which provide a pleasant pressure on the skin, simulating the sensation of real hand massage. Additionally, infrared heat enhances back massager benefits, which ultimately may help you relieve back pain if you have pain complaints, or will simply provide you with a pleasurable massage.

Shiatsu back massager main advantages:

(1) easy to use at home;

(2) suitable for traveling, at work and in the car (as a passenger);

(3) adaptable to different body parts;

(4) tapping and shiatsu massage in one device;

(5) muscle relaxation through infrared heat;

(6) suitable for relaxation;

(7) no need for physiotherapists or masseuse.

Convenient and effective

Back massager’s small size provides flexibility, which is especially important for individuals who wish to relax at home, when away from home or even during breaks at work.

What’s more, infrared heat function can help you relieve your back-pain complaints. Back massager Krafty represents a practical alternative for individuals who do not have much time to visit spas and massage centers.

If you would like to enjoy a massage at any time, you can order the back massager Krafty + infrared heat function on our website.

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