Self-care: the lost art of modern life?

What does self-care mean? As the name suggests, self-care is an ability of individuals to take care of and maintain their own physical, mental and emotional health. The World Health Organization acknowledges this term and suggests that individuals, as well as families and communities, should take steps to take care of their own welfare.  Although there are no strict guidelines for promoting healthy habits, it is well known that they should incorporate nutritious food, enough sleep, physical exercise, socializing.

We cannot help but ask ourselves when was the last time we did something for ourselves to feel better. It seems that the hustle of modern hectic life has taken a toll on our ability to deal with daily stressors that can negatively affect our overall well-being.

By no means should self-care be confused with selfishness. Taking care of one’s health should be taken as a priority, since only a physically and emotionally healthy person can be productive and help others as well. It is high time we started indulging in little rituals and taking a break to relax and unwind.

Self-care day ideas

Bear in mind that there aren’t correct or best ways to practice self-care. For some, it will mean going for a walk without their phone, while for others it would be sitting down for their morning coffee and enjoying every sip. The list of self-soothing activities is endless and it will completely depend on a person’s current needs and desires.

Let’s take a look at a few self-care day ideas for a perfect day dedicated entirely to you.

Go for a solo walk

solo walkNature is known to have healing powers that have a positive effect on your health. Spending time outside can help you destress, brightens up your mood and strengthens the immune system. Moreover, regular walks increase the intake of oxygen, improve memory and concentration. Even though it is real fun spending time in nature with friends, going for a solo walk can be advantageous as well. In this way you can set your own pace without trying to catch up with somebody else’s. Furthermore, you can pick your favorite music to listen to while walking. If you are looking for stress relief, solo walks can give you space to self-meditate. In this way you can take time to focus on your breath, which will help you feel calmer and get in touch with your own body.

Reduce screen time

self care day ideaMost of us are connected to technology 24/7, either by choice or for work.  From the moment we wake up we tend to get hold of our phone to check texts or emails or simply catch a glimpse of the latest social media posts. It is well-known that we live in the era of information overload. It can have a negative impact on our brain, as studies suggest. Some of the consequences are fatigue, inefficiency, lack of concentration, to name just a few. People easily get addicted to social media, and growing out of this habit and reducing screen time can be challenging.

First of all, creating a tech-free area in your home sounds like a good start.  For example, designate your bedroom or kitchen as places where you won’t be using your mobile phones or laptops.  Secondly, give your eyes a rest from digital devices. Swap screen time with other activities like reading a book, preparing a meal, doing yoga, etc.


Get a massage and dive into restorative sleep

self care giftOne of the symptoms of prolonged stress is definitely neck pain and tension. It does not just affect your body, but also your feelings and even behavior. So, if neck pain, headaches or muscle pain become debilitating perhaps you should consider getting a massage. Although there are plenty types of massage you can choose from, shiatsu massage stands out from others. It might provide deep muscle relaxation, energize your entire body and boost the immune system. Using an electric massager is a great way to get a relief and comfort your achy muscles anytime you need it without having to leave you home for a long-awaited massage appointment.

Additionally, massage can be the key to good sleep. Getting enough sleep, which is according to some studies between 7 and 9 hours, will make you feel refreshed, improves your memory and makes you more productive for the upcoming activities. Moreover, it is essential to choose the right bamboo pillow. Try to pick the one that will give your neck and spine proper support and relieve pressure on your neck and lower back.

Nourishing yourself with rejuvenating massage with a shiatsu massager followed by enough restful sleep on a comfortable bamboo pillow are essential for taking a good care of yourself.

Think about building a self-care plan

In the last couple of years with the outbreak of the pandemics people had to face a number of challenges: fear of disease, less social interactions, adapting to work from home space. As a result, people felt more stressed out, anxious or even depressed. Therefore, the need for taking a good care of yourself and others has never been so important. If you are the kind of person who likes making plans for the year ahead, perhaps creating a 12-month self-care day challenge does not sound as such a bad idea. The possibilities are endless, just bear in mind this is entirely time for you and don’t feel guilty about it!




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