Neck pain: a common hardship

Although neck pain is a common occurrence, we should by no means overlook it. A normal tingling can lead to even more excruciating pain, and can even cause other diseases. Therefore, knowing its symptoms and causes is of utmost importance for a carefree lifestyle.

Do you remember the last time you woke up with a stiff neck? This is actually due to the bad head placement during sleep. That´s why one should use an ergonomical pillow, as well as sleep on a medium firm mattress. You may also get strained muscles whenever you place your ears and neck too close to one another during a phone call.

In more dangerous cases, neck pain may arise following a car crash or whiplash. If the person suddenly pulls out his or her neck due to a powerful hit or even crash, the muscles, tissues and nerves could get damaged. Other conditions that can cause neck pain are bursitis, broken collarbone, broken shoulder blade, rotator cuff injuries, separated shoulder, tendinitis, and gallbladder disease.

Even though there are many symptoms of back and neck pain, some of the most obvious ones are tension, numbness and weakness. With tension patients will feel a burning, crampy, or stabbing sensation, that may result in limited range of motion, lighter or stronger headaches, and finally in stiff neck. Furthermore, strong muscle or bone movement can lead to weakness, whereas numbness is characterized as a loss of sensation by touching of the neck area.

When the pain starts affecting the normal everyday routine, an x-ray should be performed. This way the real source of the pain will be identified and a proper diagnosis will be made. Once the primary cause of the pain is spotted, the physician will decide the right therapy. The longevity of the treatment will furthermore depend on the cause and the intensity of the actual pain. During therapy the strained muscle tissue must be resting in order to properly recuperate. A neck collar is therefore a good option for holding the head up, but also for preventing any kind of neck movement. Using it will help heal suspensory ligaments. MRI is another procedure that may also verify possible tissue damages.

When the discomfort becomes intolerable, pain killers might be prescribed. But if the patient is able to tolerate the pain, he or she must avoid them, as they can endanger their health. Rather than using pills, one can apply cold compresses for 15 to 20 minutes in order to lessen the inflammations. If the neck pain becomes chronic, higher dosage of anti-inflammatory medicine, or even stronger analgesics might be prescribed to successfully lessen the pain and the swelling of the muscles.

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