Massage at work

Massage at work – we cannot help but wonder if it is just unnecessary luxury or a smart investment?

After many hours sitting at the work desk you will feel overloaded with work, tired and irritated. You might feel under pressure and stress can put your health at risk. More precisely, your neck can become stiff and your back might hurt and you will feel pain in every muscle. Soon you will become disinterested at work. Such a mental and physical condition will seriously hamper in your daily work and in the long run may leave devastating consequences on your health.

You are probably thinking that a massage would do wonders to your achy muscles. This does not seem as such a bad idea!

If your question is how to reduce stress, the answer is massage at work. You only need 15-20 minutes and you can choose either Shiatsu or classical massage. Make an appointment with a mobile masseuse who will come to your workplace. Relax and enjoy a massage in a massage chair or a massage table. Scented candles and relaxing music will calm your body and mind further. No need to take your clothes off.

Would a 15′ minute massage improve your well-being?

Even short massages are very effective. Your stiff muscles can relax, blood circulation flow and energy increase, relieve headache and reduce pain. After massage you will feel re-born, energized, focused and ready to work more efficiently. Countless studies have shown that massage is one of the oldest types of therapy in medicine. It has a long-term positive effect on mental health, the immune system, sleep and each individual part of your body.

Yes, but who is going to pay for this luxury?

Your employer! There are many benefits to take into consideration:
  1. Employees will increase work efficiency because they are aware that the employer takes care of their welfare;
  2. Less sick days off which are a loss for a company. Why would you not prevent it?
  3. The staff is grateful and looking forward to the next massage. This leads to a pleasant working atmosphere and satisfied and motivated employees;
  4. An attractive offer for potential employees. Only a few can enjoy the privileges to get a free massage in the workplace. That sounds very tempting!
  5. The good reputation of the employer does not only satisfy the employer but also brings new projects.

Massage at workplace should not be seen as a surplus, modern trend or as unnecessary luxury. It is a fairly wise investment that is beneficial to both sides.

In case you find this proposal unrealistic, we have a perfect solution for you or for your employer – get a shiatsu neck massager. This way you will not need to book an appointment. Massage can be at your disposal any time. Moreover, using a massager will save the money to your employer, who would otherwise have to pay for each massage treatment.

If you have a problem with bad posture while sitting at the office desk, we have one more product recommendation that could help you diminish back pain and improve your sitting position. To find out more about how to sit properly in front of the computer:

How to sit properly in front of the computer?

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