Klopfy – the Original Tapping and Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager

Klopfy – the Original Tapping and Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager brings innovation to the world of neck massagers. In addition to the well-known Shiatsu massage, Klopfy also provides the soothing, deep-penetrating tapping massage with additional massage heads. Arm straps allow you to control massage pressure of the 10 massage heads. Shiatsu tapping massager Klopfy has already been introduced at many fairs and has been tested by numerous visitors. Due to great demand, Donnerberg has decided to bring it directly to the market. Read the text below to find out the reasons why we added tapping massage as an additional massage function in the new model.

Tapping massage as an aid to mental balance

The benefit of the tapping massage is not only the alleviation for physical pain, but also serves as a factor that positively affects emotional health. By “tapping” your body’s meridian points, accumulated stress, energy blockages, and musle tension can be released. Meridians generally refer to the energy pathways and energy flow of the human body, which are of great importance, especially in the Asian art of healing. The tapping massage helps with anxiety and negative emotions. Primarily serves as a deep relaxation technique. You will feel relaxed and refreshed after tapping massage.

Emotions and body want to be relaxed

When it comes to physical relaxation, Klopfy’s massage functions help relieve and prevent muscle tension. Shiatsu and tapping massage, combined with the optional Infrared heat function, provide soothing relaxation and energy balance, especially in the neck and shoulder area.

Neck and shoulder tapping massage

Neck pain, headaches and strained shoulders: If you spend a lot of time sitting down, in front of your computer, on the phone, tablet or TV, you may be already experiencing negative symptoms from this sendentary position. Again, the tapping massage can help you with these symptoms. Tapping massage helps prevent head, neck and shoulder pains and restores the energy flow. Headaches will decreas and your mood will improve with tapping massage.

Release tension

As the original Shiatsu neck massage device NM-089, the focus of the Shiatsu tapping massager “Klopfy” lies in muscle tensions prevention, especially in the neck, shoulder and back area. Visitis to physiotherapists and spas might be difficult due to lack of time. Thus, Tapping and Shiatsu Massager Klopfy brings quick relief. Klopfy targets various pressure points on tense and sore muscles, loosens them, and stimulates their blood circulation. In this manner, pain is reduced and neck muscles relaxed. Additionally, the infrared heat promotes the positive effects on pain relief.

The ergonomic shape

The U-shape of neck massager is particularly suitable for neck and shoulder massage, because it can be used both while sitting and relaxing on the sofa by simply placing the massager around the neck or shoulders. Another advantage of the massager is the optional Infrared heat. This optional feature allows you to decide whether to enjoy massage with or without heat; depends on which is more pleasant for you. You can adjust the intensity of the massage by pulling the arm straps. Do not forget to clean the massager regularly, especially if you share it with others; with your friends and family.

If you suffer from muscle tension and the pain is not too strong, the innovative neck massager Klopfy is your ideal companion. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage and take a break from everyday life obligations.

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