How to reduce cellulite with regular massage

Cellulite is an unwanted guest on the body of every woman. Why do we say every woman? Because 90% of women in the world have a problem with cellulite and only 3% of men can get this aesthetic problem on the skin.

Nature gave the hormone oestrogen to women, thin skin and connective tissue. Men do have oestrogen too but their body rarely excreted hormone so their skin is thick same as their muscle structure. The male part of the population with cellulite is encountered due to obesity caused by either hormonal disorder, or too much love for unhealthy foods.

What is cellulite and how does it occur?

Cellulite is a “fat” that appears in the connective tissue beneath the skin. It is a collection of bumps on the skin and has a very widespread and well-known name, “orange bark”, because it visually resembles the mentioned fruit. The parts of the body that most often appear are thighs, buttocks (gluteus) and can often be seen on biceps and knees.

It arises usually if you are not taking care of your body. Yes, the aesthetic is not appealing, but more important, it can be a body problem. Insufficient fluid intake, junk food, sitting and generally lacking any physical activity, sugars, alcohol and cigarettes. These are all some of the things that affect the appearance of cellulite on the body. Of course, we will not forget the genetics, which unfortunately we cannot influence, but if we already know that we have genetic predispositions for obtaining cellulite then at least we can take into account our life habits.


Important question is how to get rid of cellulite?

Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution. It cannot disappear completely, but if we stick to a few key things, we can prevent its formation and reduce the visibility of cellulite on the body. So, what should be done and what are the methods for preventing and correcting the appearance on our body?

One of the most frequently advised methods, and it is effective one, is the regular intake of a large amount of fluid (water or unsweetened tea) because it degrades the fatty deposits underneath the skin. Water makes up almost 60% of the human body, it is very important for the health of the organism, and since it helps to reduce the skin’s enemy, your glass always needs to be full!

A balanced diet, which includes foods that contain a large amount of water in itself, is certainly something that every nutritionist and doctor will recommend to you. Yes, we know that pastas and pizzas are very tasty, as are sweets

Then regular exercise and

general physical activity. Some studies have shown that regular exercises and recreation muscles on the body become stronger and firmer, and therefore our skin. When muscles and skin are firm and tighter, the volume of cellulite beneath the skin decreases (does not disappear completely) and is less visible. Also, body creams containing retinol additionally help to tighten the skin.

And final trick to reduce cellulite is a good massage. An anti-cellulite massage, which is generally common but it is not the best solution for every woman. It is invasive, the masseur uses very strong and powerful hands pressure on the parts of the body where is cellulite, and often after massage bruises appear. It is true that women have a great threshold of pain, but why should we suffer something that is uncomfortable and painful if we do not have to?

However, light massages in which you determine the strength, speed and pressure on the body are painless and it is something you can afford with the Donneberg massager every day. Daily massaging prevents the formation, or reduce the visibility of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks.


The Donnerberg massager has 8 rotary heads, 2 rotation directions and 3 different speeds. The secret weapon of the Donnerberg Massager is an infrared light that heats up a part of the body you are massaging. Heat spreads through blood vessels and improves circulation, and where blood flow is better, the results are more visible. Not to mention the sense of comfort that spreads through the whole body. Everyday massage for 15 minutes to half an hour is not time-consuming, but it can bring you good results but do not forget other important things we have previously mentioned in the blog.

Do you have a problem with cellulite? What do you think of massage as a way to prevent cellulite? Do you use a massage as cellulite removal ritual?

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