How to get rid of neck pain?

The answer to the question how to get rid of neck pain will certainly depend on the cause, duration and severity of pain. In this article we will look at the various causes of neck soreness and the potential remedy for this common problem.

Causes of neck pain

Pain in the neck area has various causes and can spread to the shoulders, arms and head area. Feeling dizzy and headache are a common occurrence for neck pain.

A range of possible causes that trigger neck pain is very wide. Among the causes are the chronic processes of wear and tear of the neck, spine, due to aging, chronic stress, obesity, depression, discus herniation, physical work and pregnancy. The most common cause is the problem of muscular overload due to improper posture (e.g computer work or mobile phone use). Excessive use of mobile phones, the so-called. “Text neck / stiff neck syndrome” represents the daily occurrence of today’s society which should not be underestimated. In addition to pain in the back and shoulders area, neck pain is the most common type of pain that men and women alike suffer in the UK.


How to get rid of neck pain – treatment methods

There are numerous methods of treatment associated with the topic “Pain in the neck”. Very common is medication treatment and / or alternative treatment methods, also called CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) or drug-free treatment methods. Those methods used to quickly get rid of neck pain are summarized in the following paragraphs.

Medicines for the treatment of neck pain

Medicines are primarily used to relieve pain, medicines relieve symptoms but do not treat pain cause. The use of adequate pain medications makes sense in acute neck pain. Appropriate treatment with analgesics for people who suffer from pain in the neck is beneficial as they can continue with their usual activities. Medicine treatment can prevent the neck pain from worsening and prolonging.

Non-medical treatments to cure neck pain

There are many treatments methods without the use of medicine. These methods extend from physiotherapy, through chirotherapy and thermotherapy to massage. Common thing for all of them is they deal with the causes of pain, not only by alleviating the symptoms. In the following text, we present a short summary of massages as a form of therapy.

Is massage therapy good for neck pain?

In a study conducted by the Group Health Research Institute ( Seattle, United States), in the Seattle, USA it has been concluded that in order to relieve neck pain only regular massage is useful or, as the article points out, “a lot of massages” in duration of 60 minutes and several times a week. The next chart shows improvement over one, two and three weeks

The second study of the Seders-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles (Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, Los Angeles) was conducted to observe the effects of massage on the human body. In the study, blood samples were taken and examined before, during and after massage. The results suggest that even one massage shows a measurable advantage for a human body. After the massage, a large number of leukocytes and white blood cells were found in blood sample responsible for the body’s defence. In addition, in the blood of massaged subjects, the level of stress hormones, cortisol is reduced. In the opinion of scientists, massages could in the future play a more important role in the treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.


Massager for a stiff neck

Massages with therapists are generally expensive, long-lasting, and doctors rarely prescribe them. Therefore, it makes sense to seek alternative home solutions in order to provide an auxiliary and preventative means.

The neck massager is usually in the form of a belt (U-shaped). It is a great opportunity to use this type of device not only in the area of the neck and shoulders, but also on the back and other parts of the body, on legs, etc. The device does not have pre-set programs and massage levels. For this reason, the user of the device has the feeling that it is massaged by hands, precisely at certain points, and without any help. With high-quality products there is an option of heating with infrared light. Heat increases the effect of massage.

Findings from scientific studies, the phenomenon of “pain in the neck” found that pain in the neck is very common among the people. Also, experts such as physiotherapists or members of the “German Olympic Sports Association” (DOSB) believe that neck massage devices are very useful as a therapeutic device for home use.


A brief market analysis of the best neck massagers

Considering the fact that there are various neck massage devices on the market, the consumer is not able to recognize which of the devices is the best quality and best acts as a therapeutic device. The consumer should be given the opportunity to make decisions about the quality of the products offered on the basis of market analysis.


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